Ferry from Alcudia to Menorca


Take a ferry from Alcudia to Menorca and spend some days on this Balearic island of Spain, famous for its endless beaches and turquoise waters!

The ferry port of Alcudia, located northeast of Mallorca, connects the Spanish island of Mallorca with the mainland, France and Menorca.

The island of Menorca is special with a reputation as a botanical paradise with crystal clear waters, pristine beaches with a varied coastline of 216 kilometers and breathtaking landscapes, an ideal location for a family vacation. Menorca has a classic Mediterranean climate, so it’s an ideal place to visit all year round.
Menorca ( or Minorca) is considered the hidden gem of the Balearic islands, untouched by mass tourism with a laid back vibe.

Either you are looking for relaxing holidays or a place with plenty of outdoor activities, Menorca is the ideal place. You can go sailing, water skiing or windsurfing or enjoy the landscapes as Menorca has the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation, providing a magnificent countryside. Some of the highlights of the island, as Menorca has its share of monuments and attractions, is the megalithic chamber tomb of Naveta d’es Tudons, the La Mola Fortress, the towers of Fornells and the beautiful towns of Mahon and Ciudadella.

Depart for the beautiful island of Menorca and book your tickets in advance as millions of people visit Menorca every year, especially during spring and summer.

Ferry distance between Alcudia and Menorca 

The distance between Alcudia and Menorca is approximately 34.21 nautical miles (63.39 kilometers).

Ferry frequency from Alcudia to Menorca 

There are more than 2 sailings weekly from the port of Alcudia to the port of Mahon and at least 1 to the port of Ciutadella. Tickets for this route are available for passengers as well as vehicles, such as cars and motor bikes.

Ferry duration from Alcudia to Menorca 

The ferry duration from Alcudia to Menorca is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Tips for your trip to Menorca 

  • Check the schedules and accommodation options on our user-friendly booking platform
  • Arrive at the port of Alcudia at least 1 hour before your departure for check-in and embarkation
  • Due to high demand during the summer season, consider booking your ferry tickets in advance
  • Upon arrival in Menorca, you will find nice restaurants, cafes and hotels
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