Ferry from Alcudia to Toulon

Ferry to Toulon - Traditional building with French architecture.

Organize your trip by ferry from Alcudia to Toulon and get ready for one of the most exciting trips from the Majorca gem to a port city of the French Riviera!

Booking a ferry from Alcudia, the Spanish autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, you are departing from one of the most popular tourist resorts for visitors from all over the world with arrival to a picturesque Mediterranean port on the bay of Toulon.
Alcudia, on the northeast coast of Mallorca, is a paradise for relaxation and activity with a very well preserved old town surrounded by walls and a very lively port with a 3 km long sandy beach, water sports, hotels and delicious restaurants. Leaving Αlcudia by ferry you will not stop enjoying interesting images and seeking special experiences until your final destination, Toulon, where a new interesting place will be added to the list of your favorite places. A French city with a remarkable culture and history, ideal for summer vacation is one of the most beautiful port towns in the south of France. Visitors of the old picturesque city can feel the magic of the historic center with the small squares and fountains, each one with a different character.

Book in advance and a fascinating journey with the Alcudia to Toulon ferry is waiting for you. We wish you enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest!

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Alcudia to Toulon ferry schedule

The Alcudia to Toulon ferry schedule usually includes 2 weekly departures during the high season.
It is advisable to check the timetable through our updated booking engine for all the information you need in order to plan your trip.

Alcudia to Toulon ferry time

The Alcudia to Toulon ferry time is estimated to be approximately 10.5h, so it is recommended to book a cabin for a more convenient journey. Although, if you like to stay on deck, you can spend your time at the restaurants and bars but also relax in the lounge of the ship.

Alcudia to Toulon ferry type

The trip from Alcudia to Toulon is operated by conventional ferries equipped with all the facilities for a pleasant and comfortable journey.
In our booking platform you can stay informed about all the ferries and the availability for the type of accommodation you prefer.

Useful information for your journey

  • The ferry from Alcudia to Toulon is very popular during the high season, so make your reservation in advance and organize your journey
  • Our relevant Alcudia and Toulon pages can provide you with useful information about the transportation options and the interesting places to visit
  • You do not want anything to go wrong at the last moment, so make sure you are at the port on time for check-in and embarkation
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