Ferry to Arbatax

Passengers who are traveling by ferry to Arbatax will immediately discover the red porphyric cliffs which are coming out of the island's crystal-clear waters!

Arriving in Arbatax, the beauty of this small town included in Sardinia's coast is not hidden. Big red rocks coming out from the sea form a magical landscape, especially in spring where the combination of the red rocks, the white sand and the crystal-clear waters are a sight beyond imagination. 

The village's name derives from Arabic (arba 'at' ashar) and its meaning is 14th tower since it is the fourteenth tower built from 1570 by the Spaniards in the years of monarchy in order to defend the Saracen intruders. Visitors spend their vacation in the destination Arbatax will find many things to see and visit except its main attraction, Rocce Rosse the porphyry cliffs in the sea. The famous tower of San Gemiliano is for sure a place to visit since it provides a remarkable view of the bay of San Gemiliano. The Arbatax Tower or San Miguel, built-in 1572 and now organizing several events and exhibitions, is as well a site not to be skipped. A wonderful beach with many restaurants, hotels and nightclubs around is also the bay of Porto Frailis. Last but not least, seafood and flavors of the ocean are the most famous elements of Arbatax's cuisine. 

Arbatax is the largest village of Tortoli with a population of around 5000 inhabitants and the 3rd largest of the Nuoro Province. Ferry routes Arbatax are available from Genoa, Civitavecchia and sometimes from Cagliari, with conventional ferries that provide many kinds of amenities on board and garages for cars and campers. 

Book your Arbatax ferry tickets in advance to secure your holidays in Sardinia's beautiful coastal town.

Arbatax Port

Arbatax port is situated on the northern part of the town and the distance between it and the center is relatively short. By the time you reach the port, you will easily witness the beauty of Arbatax's symbol, the famous red rocks. Information provided below on how to get around Arbatax by bus and taxi.


Take the bus line 305 operating twice a day from Porto Frailis which will drop you to the port in approx. 5 mins with a cost of 2 euros. Please visit the Arbatax Bus for further details.


Grab a taxi from the city, otherwise, you can visit Arbatax Taxis or call +39 3395087415. 

Holidays in Arbatax

Even though it is the biggest town in its province, its size is rather small but its guaranteed that your holidays in Arbatax are going to be spectacular. There are many magnificent points of interest in and around the town, relaxing beaches, various hotels and of course, authentic Italian cuisine. Below, we are granting you a guide of where you could start from regarding to exploring Arbatax:

  • As referred above and being Arbatax's main attraction, the Rocce Rosse
  • Take pictures from the Tower of San Gemiliano
  • Swim or sunbathe in Cala Moresca beach
  • Walk around Porto Frailis and have a meal or a drink in one of its many restaurants and bars

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