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Ferry to Arbatax - Red rock of Arbatax, Sardinia as background.
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Passengers who are traveling by ferry to Arbatax will immediately discover the red porphyric cliffs which are coming out of the island's crystal-clear waters!

Arbatax is a small harbor and a marine fraction of the municipality of Tortoli, located in the eastern coast of Sardinia. Arbatax was for many years a fishing village often invaded by pirates. The founders of Arbatax were Campanian fishermen from the island of Ponza, however, according to tradition the name of the village derives from the Arabic language and it means 14th tower, probably referring to the tower that was built by the Spaniards as a defense spot to protect the area from the Arab pirates.

Today, Arbatax is the third largest town in its province with a population of 5000 people and its economy is mainly based on tourism as it is considered as one of Sardinia´s top tourist destinations. Arbatax is a charming, unspoiled seaside town that rises at the slopes of Cape Bellavista, enriched with lush vegetation and most known for the characteristic red rocks and the masses of granite located close to the port.

Book in advance your tickets to the small but interesting Arbatax and explore its surprising number of attractions.

Ferry connections to Arbatax

Travelers who want to spend a few days in Arbatax, can reach this beautiful city of Sardinia from the port of Civitavecchia, northwest of Rome, that connects Sardinia with Italy. The sailing duration from Civitavecchia to Arbatax is approximately 9 hours and at the moment, there is only one ferry operator serving this route with ferries for passengers and vehicles. Depending on the seasonality, the frequency of the sailings varies but in general there are at least two sailings per week.

Ferry port of Arbatax

The small tourist port of Arbatax belongs to the municipality of Tortoli and welcomes many visitors each year. During the second world war, the port was destroyed to prevent the connection with the mainland but today it is a popular hub for travelers who want to visit the east coast of Sardinia. The port is located within walking distance from the center of the town and there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops and close to the port are most of the city's landmarks.

Transportation in Arbatax

Arbatax is a relatively small village and most of the streets are mainly pedestrian so you can easily get around or explore the town on foot or by bus.


There is a bus line that covers the biggest part of Arbatax and several locations around Tortoli. For more information, please visit Arbatax Buses or the tourist information center.


For a fast and easy but less affordable transfer to your destination, there are a few taxis around the city of Arbatax. Otherwise, you can schedule one to pick you up at Arbatax Taxis or call +39 339 160 2132.

Arbatax Airport to Arbatax Port

The Tortoli - Arbatax Αirport also known as Tortoli Airport is a regional airport located in the Province of Nuoro and approximately 4km away from the port of Arbatax. Unfortunately, there is no public transport from the airport to the port but you can arrange a taxi transfer at Arbatax Taxis.

What to do in Arbatax

Arbatax is a small port town with a surprising number of interesting tourist attractions and things to do that will surely amaze you. Stroll around the city and explore what it has to offer.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories in Arbatax and let us help you organize your to-do list.

  • Visit the red rocks of Rosse Rocce that look like broken teeth next to the port of Arbatax
  • Enjoy the panoramic views of the Torre di San Gemiliano that was built in 1600 as a lookout tower against Arabic pirates
  • Head to the ruins of Nuraghe Serbissi that were built over a natural cave and its ruins date back to the 10th century BC
  • Visit the Roman Village of San Lussurioso
  • Take a walk around the Bella Vista Lighthouse, one of the most famous of Sardinia, built in the 17th century
  • Try some of the local delicacies like: burrida (a local seafood soup), porcetto (roasted piglet), pardulas (ricotta based tartlets), culurgiones (pasta stuffed with pecorino, mint and potato) and taste the local red wine Cannonau
  • Enjoy a drink near the waterfront area
  • Take a day trip to the magical bays of Cala Luna and Cala Mariolu

Beaches in Arbatax

Like in the rest of Sardinia, Arbatax has a coastline full of beautiful beaches, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, all with panoramic views of the Mediterranean, ideal for relaxation and for every taste.

Please find below a list of the best beaches:

  • Cala Moresca: one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in a small bay, located south from Capo Bellavista
  • Riva di Ponente: a sandy beach located next to the port of Arbatax, ideal for families with kids
  • Cea: a cove with golden sand surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning views of the impressive Scoglius Arrubius stacks of red porphyry that emerge from the sea
  • San Gemiliano: ideal for windy days. A sandy beach with shallow, turquoise waters
  • Lido Di Orri: one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, located in a Cove, ideal for surfing lovers
  • Rocce Rosse: located close to the port of Arbatax with reddish cliffs that make an amazing contrast with the emerald waters

Accommodations in Arbatax

There are plenty of accommodation options available around the city and the port of Arbatax. Hotels, apartments, pensions and airbnb. Please find below a list of the best rated accommodations and choose the one you prefer according to your needs and budget:

  • Hotel Dune 
  • Hotel Arbatax Borgo Cala Moresca
  • La Perla 
  • Cottage 
  • Hotel Blau Monte Turri
  • Hotel Club Saraceno
  • Hotel La Bitta
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