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Passengers traveling by ferry to Arki arrive at one of the least visited islands of Greece, its quiet and tranquility make it an attractive place for holidays!

The island of Arki belongs to the Aegean island group called the Dodecanese.The name of the archipelago comes from the twelve islands that make up the archipelago, although in reality there are more. It is so special because it has a long and complicated history, and it is also located in an interesting place. It is located on the border of Greece and Turkey just 30 kilometers from that state in a straight line. The magnificent views from the island extend to several surrounding islands as well as the already mentioned Turkey. The island of Arki is one of the few islands where 3/4 of its area is still uninhabited and untouched by man. The magnificent views, the shape of the terrain and the peace and tranquility that every tourist seeks make it an attractive place for a holiday. Apart from holidays, the island is home to just 50 people who make their living from fishing, as well as farming and raising animals (mainly goats).

Book your ferry tickets to Arki as soon as possible and organize your stay in this tiny settlement that is waiting for you to explore and discover.

Getting to Arki by ferry

Getting to Arki by boat is easy from Lipsi or Leros. The island Arki is found in a close distance off Patmos, only 8 n.m. to the east and daily boats connect them to Patmos. The benefit of Arki is that it is tiny (7 sq. km) and protected by strong winds, which is why it is used as a shelter for yachts and fishing boats. Despite its smallness and the fact that when you're there it seems a million miles from anywhere, Arki is easily accessible by ferry. Several times a week there are ferries from Samos and Patmos, although the closest island is Lipsi which is 15 minutes away by ferry though the ferry only goes twice a week. There is also a ferry to the nearby satellite island of Marathi, which has an even smaller population but manages to retain a couple of tavernas with rooms to rent.

Arki ferry port

Arki has a small port for the boats and ferries to moor. Around this port, a few stone houses have been constructed, some of which are old while others have been whitewashed. Some taverns also offer fresh fish, captured by the locals at night. The benefit of Arki is that it is tiny (7 sq. km) and protected by strong winds, which is why it is used as a shelter for yachts and fishing boats.

Transportation in Arki

The island is small enough for most visitors to explore it on foot. You will enjoy walking along the coastline and from one end of the island to the other hiking along low hills and planes filled with a scent of oregano and thyme. The most far away beach can be accessed in about 50 minutes, while most can be reached in about 20 or 30 minutes walking. Of course, there are no buses on Arki island, as there are no roads either. All paths are track and have barely any signs.

Holidays in Arki

Holidays in Arki are synonymous to relaxation. The most important part of this island ,which is full of positive energy as well as amazing charm, is the occupants, who are very open, hospitable and friendly, which gives a feeling that every, who visits our island once comes back here eagerly.

Arki beaches

Arki is characterized by lush vegetation, which, when close to the sea, creates beautiful green-blue water beaches and bays.

List of beaches in Arki:

Tiganakia: in the southern part of the island, it is one of the most famous beaches of the Dodecanese. Close to the mainland, the sea here has a characteristic turquoise colour that turns deep blue further out. The best time to go is in the morning, when it is quiet.
Limnari: a beach about 30 minutes from the port. Be careful as you enter and exit the water here - the locals have cut a path through the rocks so you can walk on the silky white sand instead. When the sea is calm, this sandy underwater walkway glistens in the sunlight.

Things to do in Arki

There's obviously not a lot to do on Arki, and you have to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, walking, and peace and quiet. There are several sandy beaches you can walk to from the main town, which is also called Arki, and where there are several tavernas which also have rooms to rent. These include the Nikolas Taverna, which also maintains a website about the island, where you can book rooms online by email.

Ferry connections from Arki

Arki is directly connected with other islands of the Dodecanese and with islands of the East Aegean. So you can continue your holidays from the island and organize a summer island hopping! In particular, you can take the ferry from Arki to the following ports:

  • Patmos
  • Lipsi
  • Samos
  • Kos
  • Leros
  • Farmakonisi
  • Kalymnos
  • Rhodes
  • Agathonisi Island
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