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Ferry to Lipsi - Architecture in Lipsi island, Dodecanese, Greece.
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If you want to avoid other popular destinations and you prefer a less crowded island for your holidays, take a ferry to Lipsi and enjoy a couple of serene days!

Lipsi is a small island of the Dodecanese, located east of the bigger island of Patmos and north of Leros and close to the coasts of Turkey. According to Greek mythology Odysseus spent seven years on the island when during his return trip to Ithaca he was shipwrecked in Lipsi, the Nymph Calypso's island.
Due to its distance from the mainland and the small size it still remains untouched by mass tourism and preserves a traditional unspoiled charm and character with a right balance between the past and the present, that will amaze travelers that prefer relaxing in a place of natural beauty, away from the crowds. The authentic character of the island is evident from the typical blue and white color painted houses, as all of the houses of the Aegean islands.

Lipsoi is actually a part of a group of 37 islets but only three of them, Arkoi, Marathos and Lipsi are inhabited even though all of them have been inhabited since prehistoric times.
The people of Lipsi live on the only settlement of the island, the main town of Lipsi which was built by a Cretan who arrived there in the 17th century and built his house on the hill slope where Chora is now located. Make sure you try the traditional recipes, based on ingredients from the local produce with prawns, crabs, oysters, fish and crayfish.

Book your ferry tickets to Lipsi as soon as possible and organize your stay in this tiny settlement that is waiting for you to explore and discover.

Getting to Lipsi Greece by ferry

Lipsi is a favorite destination for those who seek relaxation on their vacations and for those who wish to spend their holidays on secluded sand beaches with turquoise waters.
Getting to Lipsi is really easy from the main port of Athens, Piraeus but you can also reach Lipsi from other islands like Samos, Patmos, Leros, Rhodes and Kos.

Piraeus to Lipsi: There is a ferry connection between the port of Piraeus (main port of Athens) and Lipsi. Depending on the seasonality there is at least one route available per week and the duration of the sailing is 8- 9 hours as the distance between the mainland and the island is approximately 285 kilometers ( 154 nautical miles).

Lipsi ferry port

The ferry port of Lipsi is located in a magnificent bay of the southwest coast of the island in a walking distance of the only settlement of the island, Lipsi town. The port is divided in three areas: the tourist area where passenger ferries dock, a second area with yachts and a third area for cargo boats. It´s a safe, natural and picturesque port with many fishing boats and a few taverns around, ideal for an evening stroll.

Transportation in Lipsi

The island is small enough for most visitors to explore it on foot. You will enjoy walking along the coastline and from one end of the island to the other hiking along low hills and planes filled with a scent of oregano and thyme.


The island Lipsi has a good road network of 20 km and a bus service that runs to and from the main beaches of the island usually only during the summer months. The timetables are posted on the bus station, next to the port.


For an easy and fast transfer you can also arrange a taxi transfer. Most of them are located in the main town, in every central post.

To arrange a taxi please call : +30 694 2409677 or +30 699 9820800.

Sights & attractions of Lipsi

During your stay in Lipsi you get to enjoy a few days by the sea. The hospitality of the locals and the peach and quiet of the island will charm you. Due to its small size visitors can explore it on foot. Lipsi is a popular destination for quality holidays and an ideal destination for nature lovers as the entire chain of islands is part of the Natura 2000 protected areas network. As there aren’t any cultural attractions on the island the best thing to do is enjoy the beautiful landscapes and amazing sunsets of this little gem of the Dodecanese.

Get ready to discover Lipsi and let us help you organize your to-do list!

  • Visit the Church of Theologos, located on a hill just above the main town and enjoy the views of the Aegean Sea
  • Take a walk around the harbor and you will see many fishermen preparing their nets on their beautiful and colorful boats
  • Taste some of the local delicacies: fresh seafood, locally raised lamb and goat, tasty cheeses like mizithra and touloumotiri
  • Buy some thyme honey from the local producers
  • If you visit the island during August, don’t miss the 3-day wine feast
  • Visit Kastro, an archaeological site near the main town with ruins of the ancient town
  • Arrange a horse back riding around the island

Beaches in Lipsi

Even though it's a small island there is a beach in Lispi for everyone to enjoy: sandy, rocky, shallow, deep, secluded or organized. All of them are quiet, with tranquil crystal clear waters ideal for relaxation and for families with children. Visitors can reach them all on foot, within a maximum one hour and the landscapes along the way will definitely reward them.

List of beaches in Lipsi:

  • Platis Gialos: a non organized beach located 6km north west of the town. A beautiful sandy cove, protected from high winds. Platis Gialos means wide shore
  • Hohlakoura: a secluded, non organized beach located 4km south east of the town. A white pebbled beach that reflects the sun with amazing aquamarine colored waters
  • Kambos: a non organized sandy beach located 2 km west of the town. Kambos is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, a narrow cove with blue waters and a few tamarisks providing natural shade
  • Tourkomnima: the beach is located 6km southeast of Lipsi town. Tourkomnima has a pebbled shore with crystal waters. At the end of the cove there is a small picturesque chapel built on top of the rocks
  • Katsadia: the beach of Katsadia is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, totally sheltered from the wind, located 3 km southeast of the town
  • Liendoy: a partly organized beach located 1 km west of Lipsi Town. The most popular beach, due to its proximity to the center of the town, with clear and shallow waters

Hotels & accommodations

Lipsi or Lipsos is a tiny island and visitors will find most of the accommodation options in the main town where they will also find a few tourist facilities, taverns and cafes but there are also a few hotels and studios close to the beach of Kambos and the beach of Lientoy. If you visit the island during July or August it is better to book in advance so as not to risk being sold out.

Find some of the best rated accommodations below:

  • Angela Apartments
  • Le Villette
  • Nefeli Hotel
  • Panorama Studios
  • Aegean Muses Villas
  • Aphroditi Hotel
  • Michalis Studios
  • Mira Mare Studios
  • Calypso Hotel

Island Hopping from Lipsi

Lipsi island is located between the islands of Patmos and Leros which makes it ideal for island-hopping to the neighboring islands:

  • Leros
  • Patmos
  • Samos
  • Kalymnos
  • Karpathos
  • Kos
  • Rhodes
  • Symi
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