Ferry from Athens to Ikaria

Ferry to Ikaria - A typical street in Greek village, on Icaria Island. Cat resting on the stairs.

Passengers booking a ferry from Athens to Ikaria enjoy a wonderful trip from the port of Athens to one of the most beautiful islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea!

Leaving the port of Piraeus in Athens with destination Ikaria passengers will arrive at a special island with a charming atmosphere. The crystal waters with the sandy beaches, the therapeutic thermal springs, the wild nature with the bays and the small coves attract a large number of tourists to spend their holidays on the island. Ikaria is also worth visiting for the churches, monasteries, castles, museums and traditional houses.
Ikaria is named after Icarus, the son of Daedalus who, according to Greek mythology, was the architect in the palace of Knossos in Crete ruled by King Minos. According to tradition, Ikaros flew so close to the sun that his wings were burnt and he fell into the sea near the island.

If you want to visit this wonderful destination with the 60 villages, the changing landscapes with the rocky mountains and the green slopes, the fairs and celebrations which may last all day, plan your trip and make your reservation in advance through our booking system.

Athens to Ikaria ferry schedule

The Athens to Ikaria ferry schedule connects the Piraeus port with the 2 ports of Ikaria, the Agios Kirykos port and the Evdilos port. The distance between the two ports is about 30 km and there is a public bus that can take you from one to the other. If you visit our website you can see all the details of the ferry routes, schedules and prices for the daily ferry itineraries to both ports. During the winter period the crossings are less while from June to September the shipping companies add more routes in their timetable.

Athens to Ikaria ferry distance

The Athens to Ikaria ferry distance is estimated at 124 nautical miles.

Athens to Ikaria ferry time

The Athens to Ikaria ferry time depends on the port of arrival and the weather conditions. Ferry routes to Agios Kirikos last 8 hours, so it is recommended to book a cabin for a more comfortable journey. The crossing from Piraeus to the port of Evdilos is estimated to be 7 hours.

Athens to Ikaria ferry type

Modern, conventional car/passenger ferries operate the crossing from Piraeus Athens port to Ikaria. Economy seats, numbered business seats, inside and outside bed cabins and lounges are available. While on board enjoy a refreshment on the outside deck or a meal in the restaurant of the vessel.

Useful information about your trip to Ikaria

  • It is recommended to be at the port of Piraeus at least 1 hour before departure for check-in and embarkation as during the holidays period the area of the port is very crowded
  • The International Airport of Athens is located at a distance of 50km from the port of Piraeus which can be reached by taxi, metro or bus
  • Some of the beaches are accessible only on foot, so it is good to have walking shoes with you
  • Pets are allowed to travel with you, under conditions mentioned in our website
  • Our page dedicated to Ikaria can provide you with all the information needed for your stay on the island
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