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Ferry to Ikaria - A typical street in Greek village, on Icaria Island. Cat resting on the stairs.
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Book a ferry to Ikaria, the birthplace of the mythical Ikaros, a majestic island, worldwide famous for the longevity of its inhabitants and its relaxed vibes!

Ikaria is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, just 7 hours from Athens, 19km southwest of Samos. According to the tradition Icarus, the impetuous son of Daedalus, who disobeyed his father and flew too close to the sun, fell into the sea nearby and gave its name to the island.
Icaria has been inhabited since the beginning of 7000BC by the Pelasgians, the Neolithic pre- Hellenic people.

If you are looking for a peaceful break or a place to recharge, Ikaria is the ideal place for you.
On this island time seems to slow down and no one is ever in a hurry. The inhabitants of the island live for many years thanks to the Ikarian nutrition, the optimism and the stress free everyday life. Holidays in Ikaria can be relaxing but also ecstatic as the island is famous for its traditional festivals known as Panigiria that mark local religious holidays, including, local food, drinks and music.

Ikaria is also an ideal destination for those who love nature. It’s natural beauty stands out as the wild beauty is breathtaking. Sandy beaches, running waters, mountains, lush green hillsides, thermal springs, dramatic gorges, hiking trails, mesmerizing beaches and picturesque villages compose the magic scenery that will definitely seduce you.

Ikaria is one the most alternative destinations in the Eastern Aegean in Greece, so make sure you book your ferry tickets to Ikaria in advance and get in the relaxing mood of the island as soon as you arrive.

Getting to Ikaria by ferry

The ferry connections to Ikaria are frequent, all year round, especially in the summer season, depending on the seasonality, there might be many or less routes available. Most shipping companies offer the option of a garage with their conventional ferries, for those that want to travel with a car.

From Piraeus to Ikaria

You can travel to Ikaria from the port of Piraeus in Athens. The duration of the trip is about 6-7 hours, depending on the number of stops in between the bordering islands. The specific route is usually served by a regular ferry about 3 times per week.

From Kavala to Ikaria

You can also reach Ikaria by ferry from the port of Kavala, located on the northern part of the Greek mainland. This crossing operates up to 2 times each week with a ferry duration of approximately 17 hours.

Ikaria ferry port

The island has 2 ports. Agios Kirykos which is located on the southside of Ikaria and the port of Evdilos, located on the north side of the island. The road distance between the two ports is about 31 km ( 55 minutes) and there is a local bus that can get you from Evdilos to Agios Kirikos.

Agios Kirykos Port

The port is located in the village of Agios Kirykos, just a few meters from the center of the capital. It serves the south side of the island with daily ferry connections to and from Ikaria. In this settlement you will find supermarkets, banks, restaurants, cafes, gas stations, pharmacies and the General Hospital of the island.

Evdilos Port

The port is located in the village of Evdilos that was the first capital of the island. Today is the second port of Ikaria and mainly serves the north side of the island. Here you can also find a variety of shops, restaurants and accommodations. The small port of Evdilos is really picturesque with the old mansions, the narrow and paved streets and the traditional houses that form an architecturally interesting village.

Please, check below how to get around from the port to the island of Ikaria:


During the summer season you will be able to find a local network of buses, an affordable way to explore the island.

The main routes are:

  • Agios Kirykos- Therma- Faros
  • Agios Kirykos- Evdilos- Armenistis- Raches
  • Raches- Armenistis- Evdilos- Agios Kirykos- Faros- Airport

For further details, please visit Ikaria Buses


A taxi might be an expensive option but it will get you fast and easy to your destination. There are about 30 taxis on the island so you better arrange your transfer in advance.

Taxi stops can be found in Agios Kirykos, Therma, Evdilos, Armenistis, Faros and the Airport.

If you need more information, you can visit Ikaria Taxis or call any of the following numbers: +30 22750 31587, +30 697 3836 836

Hotels, attractions and sights in Ikaria

Ikaria Hotels

Even though you can find all types of accommodation in Ikaria, most hotels are traditional guesthouses with simple facilities. The seaside villages of Armenistis, Agios Kirykos, Evdilos and Gialiskari are popular with other travellers visiting Ikaria. They have a bus connection, shops, restaurants and a nice and calm atmosphere.

  • Cavos Bay
  • Erofili Beach Hotel
  • Atheras Hotel
  • Estias
  • Irida
  • Kerame
  • Peskesi
  • Pyrgos Traditional Village
  • Sunset Dreams
  • Toxotis Villas
  • Valeta

Beaches in Ikaria

Ikaria has a variety of beaches that will suit all desires and occasions. The coast of the island is diverse with sandy beaches, coves with white sand and exotic water and small bays surrounded by forests. The Ikarian sea after all ranks amongst the cleanest in the world. The most popular beaches are on the north side of the island and the secluded, less crowded beaches are on the south side.

  • Seychelles: located 20 km south west of the port of Agios Kirykos. A pebbled beach with emerald green waters within a picturesque and intimate cove setting surrounded by rock formations.
  • Mesakti: located 47km northwest of Agios Kirykos. A sandy, family friendly, organized beach with a golden sand and crystal clear waters.One of the most popular beaches.
  • Livadi: located 48km northwest of Agios Kirykos. Sandy, organized with a few restaurants within a short walking distance.
  • Nas: located 55km northwest of Agios Kirykos. The most beautiful beach of the island. A small bay, at the union of river Halaris and the Aegean Sea, surrounded by dense forests with streams and a waterfall just behind the riverbed.
  • Armenistis: located 50km northwest of Agios Kirikos. The beach is next to a beautiful fishing village and it is surrounded by the picturesque Ikarian white houses. It has golden sand, turquoise waters, amazing taverns and traditional coffee houses.
  • Kyparissi: located 33km northwest of Agios Kirykos. A long, secluded and quiet sandy beach with no facilities.
  • Kampos: located 40km west of Agios Kirykos. A sandy, organized beach with clean shallow waters, bamboo and other plants growing right up until the water’s edge.
  • Prioni: located 3km east of Agios Kirykos. A small pebbled and secluded beach, surrounded by orange cliffs that offer the possibility of diving/ jumping from heights up to 12 meters. Close to the beach there is also a small cove that is only accessible by swimming.

Day trips from Ikaria

Ikaria is situated in a perfect spot, between the Cyclades, Dodecanese and North Aegean Islands, fact which makes it an ideal starting point for day trips to its nearby sisters. If you have already spent 3-4 days in the tranquility of Ikaria, then it is the right time to join Fournoi, Samos, Mykonos, Naxos, Patmos and many more. Vacations in Greece offer a big variety of choices, all of them with their own uniqueness.

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