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Passengers travelling by ferry to Ikaria arrive at a place where the myth of Icarus was born, the legend to whom the Ikarian Sea and the island of Ikaria owe their name!

Travelling to the Destination Ikaria

Ikaria is located in the Eastern Aegean Sea and is part of sporadic island group. The island is mainly mountainous and exhibits both numerous gorges and fertile coastal plains. The bordering forests partly show a jungle-like character. The Aetheras range, traversing completely the island, reaches a maximum height of 1 037 meters.

Tourists travelling to the destination Ikaria should not expect mass tourism. Although the island is intensively visited by Greek and foreign tourists, those tourists can be counted as individual travelers. The island’s adaptation of touristic infrastructure to West European standards is not area-covering. The absence of an International airport as well as a lack of large choice of sights, have obstructed the islands development as a destination for mass tourism. Visitors traveling back with ferries from Ikaria, leave an island that has not lost much of its originality. Almost virgin landscapes and people who maintain their tradition shape the picture of that original island.

Ikaria is a quite large island which covers an area of 255, 303 square kilometers. Approximately 8 423 people live on the island. Its population density is 33 inhabitants per square kilometer. Despite the fact that Ikaria does not appeal to mass tourism, ferry routes Ikaria are quite well developed. Routes to Samos, Mykonos, Patmos, the island group Fourni and to the other Sporades are executed and can be seen through isFerry’s online Ikaria ferry timetable. Tourists who want to travel to Ikaria by boat have to embark in Piraeus Harbour.

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