Ferry from Athens to Kalymnos

Ferry to Kalymnos - A vintage diving suit with helmet with natural sponges in the background, Greece.

Plan your trip by ferry from Athens to Kalymnos and visit a beautiful Dodecanese island, a top climbing destination with climbers from all around the world!

Kalymnos is known and advertised as the "island of sponge workers". Sponging has long been a common occupation on Kalymnos and sponging was the main source of income for the Kalymnians, bringing wealth to the island and making it famous throughout the Mediterranean.
Kalymnos, between Kos and Leros, is the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese. It is surrounded by several small islands, of which only two are inhabited, the beautiful Telendos and the Doric Pserimos. The mountainous island with its imposing mountains, with a wide variety of aromatic herbs and a few fertile valleys (mainly in Vathi), has managed in recent years to extend its tourist season, due to the climbing fields it has.

If you plan to take the ferry from Athens to Kalymnos anytime between April and September, we would recommend booking tickets in advance.

Ferry distance from Athens to Kalymnos

The ferry distance from the port of Athens to the port of Kalymnos is 168 nautical miles (around 311 km).

Athens to Kalymnos ferry time

From Athens to Kalymnos the ferry time is around 12 hours and often includes an overnight stay depending on the vessel, the route and the ferry operator.

Ferry schedules from Athens to Kalymnos

The ferries from Piraeus to Kalymnos run every 2-3 days. This journey is available all year round. However, the routes may change if the weather is very stormy.

Useful tips for your trip from Athens to Kalymnos

  • Check the ferry schedules about a month before your travel dates to make sure you have the most up-to-date itineraries
  • In our Kalymnos page you will be able to find information about public transport and how you can reach the port
  • If you travel with the night sailing it is recommended to book a cabin or a numbered airtype seat for a more comfortable journey
  • The geographical location of Kalymnos makes it an ideal starting point for island hopping in Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Samos, Tilos and Astypalaia
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