Ferry from Bastia and Toulon (h1)

Ferry to Toulon - Traditional building with French architecture.

Board on the ferry from Bastia to Toulon, and arrive in a french town on the Mediterranean Sea to the east of Marseille in the Var department of Provence!

Bastia is considered the gateway to Corsica. Built on a rocky promontory in the northeast of the island, Bastia enjoys a magnificent panorama.
Its cultural and historical richness is innumerable. The authenticity of the town is reflected in the narrow streets of Terra-Vecchia or in the Acropolis, a picturesque quarter that dominates the old port.

The city of Toulon is located in the south of France, on the south-western coast along the Mediterranean coast, halfway between Marseille, to the west, and Saint-Tropez, to the east.
Situated between the sea and the mountains of Toulon, whose highest point is Mont Faron, Toulon is a city much appreciated by tourists and travelers discovering the south of the Metropole.
The main sea links from the port of Toulon reach Corsica and its popular ports such as Porto-Vecchio, Ajaccio, Bastia and L'Île-Rousse throughout the year.
The summer period opens up connections to Sardinia (Porto Torres) and the Balearic Islands (Alcudia).

Depart from the beautiful Corsica island and book your ferry tickets in advance as this destination is in high demand especially during the summer months!

Ferry distance between Bastia and Toulon

The ferry distance between Bastia to Toulon is 290 km which is equal to 157 nautical miles.

Ferry frequency from Bastia and Toulon 

There is 1 daily crossing from the port of Bastia to Toulon in Corsica. The ferry route is active all year long.

Ferry duration from Bastia and Toulon 

The ferry duration from Bastia to Toulon varies between 8 and 12 hours, depending on whether the trip is a day or night trip.

Type of vessels in from Bastia and Toulon 

Tickets for this route are available for passengers as well as vehicles, such as cars and motor bikes.
The type of vessels operate in Toulon to Bastia route are high standard offering a wide range of facilities with à la carte as well as self-service restaurants, cafeterias, a disco, a wellness center, a gym, a swimming pool, shops, a play area for children and can transport both foot passengers and vehicles. In addition to deck space, all ferries offer more comfortable solutions ranging from reserved seating to various cabins, suitable for singles, couples and families. Some vessels have cabins with pet facilities or even suites with exclusive services.

Useful tips for your trip from Bastia and Toulon

  • Please, remember that you need to show up at the port at least 1 hour prior to your departure
  • In our Bastia and Toulon pages, you get the opportunity to check all available transportation options
  • Due to the Bastia’s high demand in summer, consider booking your ferry tickets in advance
  • Use our online booking system so as to compare ferry prices and choose the most suitable vessel and accommodation type for your journey
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