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Most passengers travelling by ferry to Bastia, the very important and principal port of Corsica, are tempted to taste its famous wines!

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Bastia, once called Marina di Cardo, was Corsica's capital city until 1791. This northeastern coast city, located between the sea and the mountains, is also the island's military base. Bastia is for sure, a beautiful ancient city to visit.

People travelling to the destination Bastia will have plenty of things to do and visit such as the Cathedral of St Jean Baptiste with its famous two bell towers. Remarkable is also the holy stair donated by Pope Pius VII, Scala Santa, for the hospitality the Chapelle Notre Dame de Monserrato provided to the Roman priests who were exiled by Napoleon Bonaparte. Bastia hosts many beaches but the biggest and most famous one in the Plage de l'Arinella where usually tourists spend hours of relaxation. In combination with the beach, Pond of Biguglia is the next stop to visit. The once protector of the city, Palais des Gouverneurs, built by the founder of Bastia Leonello Lomellini, its garden Jardin Romieu and Noble Twelve palace are certainly some of the most impressive sights of the city. Last but not least, the heart of Bastia, Piazza San Nicolau with its events taking place regularly and the statue of Napoleon included, also with Paoli boulevard are not to be missed.

Bastia is now the capital of Haute - Corse with the population of 40.000 citizens and it is approx. 19.40 square kilometers in size. Ferry routes Bastia occur from Genoa, Livorno and Piombino.





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Ferry Port Bastia

  • Quai Nouveau Port de Commerce, 20200 Bastia, France
  • Tel.: +33 495 552 585
  • GPS: 42.701315, 9.453396
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