Ferry to Chrisomilia

Ferry to Chrisomilia - Church near Chrysomilia village on Fourni island, Greece.
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Passengers travel by ferry to Chrysomilia, arrive at the center of the imaginary triangle formed by Ikaria, Samos and Patmos, which remains an untouched world!

Chrysomilia belongs to the Municipality of Fournon Korsea of the Regional Unit of Ikaria, which is located in the North Aegean Region.
During the administrative division of Greece according to the "Kapodistrias" plan, until 2010, Chrysomilia belonged to the Local District of Fourni, of the former Municipality of Fourni of Korsea in the Prefecture of Samos.

The island of Korsari is actually a cluster of 20 islands, islets and rocky islets with a complex lace-work coastline, with bays and coves, narrow passages and sea caves. The sea is incredibly clear, while tireless swimmers cannot penetrate all the bays and straits between the islets, leaving room for quiet "nests" with calm waters for enjoyable swimming.

The third settlement of Fourni is located on the islet of Thymena, 10 minutes by boat from the port, and could be a candidate for the title of the "last paradise". A beach bar with umbrellas and sunbeds in front of the sea, stairs that connect the amphitheatrical built houses of the settlement, the tavern with the traditional cooking οn the beautiful and deserted Keramidou beach at the back side of the island, and a few rooms for rent. Style reminiscent of the 60s, many dirt paths, almost zero number of cars.

The island has 25 beekeepers and very nice thyme honey, which along with other local products, such as the amazing fresh mizithra, oil cheese and brine cheese which can be found on the main road with the mulberry trees. Consider yourself very lucky if you find the opportunity to try the katimeria: fried pita bread topped with local mizithra!

Ferry port Chrysomilia

The port is located at the foot of the highest mountain on the island called Korakas. Chrysomilia is a small and remote port of the island Fourni, excluded from mass tourism and without a developed touristic infrastructure. Nevertheless, in high season private minivans, usually organized by the accommodation estates in Chrisomilea and / or its municipality, transfer passengers from the port to the accommodation destination and vice versa. There are also small buses, sea boats and only few available, that transfer passengers to the beaches around the island and to Thimaina, the second inhabited island of the archipelago.

Getting around Chrysomilia

The newly built road network of Fourni takes you from Chora (port) almost everywhere.
This is an island best explored on foot, although there is a local bus to take you from Fourni Town to some of the beaches. Taxis are in short supply (there are only one or two on the island) and so you may want to hire a scooter to get around the island on your own time.
Otherwise, bring some sturdy walking shoes and enjoy hiking through this alluring island!

  • Taxi phone number: +30 697 087 9102

Holidays in Chrysomilia

The ferry routes Chrysomilia take the visitor to places of outstanding beauty. Chrysomilia with its 100 inhabitants and many other areas of the island contribute to the saying that it is "Paradise on Earth". 126 km of coastline, countless bays and beaches for all tastes, lush vegetation, hospitable locals and delicious food guarantee unforgettable holidays.
You will need to take many steps up to the village but it is definitely worth it since the sea views offer sublime vistas. Enjoy the local cuisine at the village tavern and switch off from the outside world while in this spectacular spot.

Beaches in Chrysomilia

In Fourni you will find many beautiful beaches due to its long lacy coastline. They are not organized, which makes them ideal for enjoying the sea in peace and quiet.
Chrysomilia beach is located 15 km northeast of the town of Fourni and is a very charming place to spend the whole day. The beach itself is very long, sandy, with several trees providing shade.
There are a few tavernas with amazing local cuisine and from Chrysomilia you can visit Agia Triada beach, which has additional tavernas and rooms to let.

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