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Ferry to Samos - Samos island. Greece. Samos Kokkari Village. Colorful wall and blue, white, yellow lanterns.
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Take the ferry to Samos, the southernmost island of the Aegean and be amazed by the framed images of the vine leaves, the vineyards and the samian grapes!

Samos island is a place with lush vegetation, standing out for its stunning beaches, the magical natural landscape, the delicious local cuisine and its interesting history. The island is also famous for its impressive attractions and its important archaeological sites. An ideal place for relaxing vacations with plenty of outdoor activities. Even if you're a nature lover the island won’t fail you. There are quite a few nature reserves and tall mountains for hiking.

Samos Greece is the birthplace of great men. Pythagoras, the mathematician and philosopher, founder of music and modern mathematics, and the astronomer Aristarchus, the first to speak about the heliocentrism of our planetary system, were born in Samos. Samos is the place that hosted the writer Aesop, the philosopher and general Melissos and the mythical birthplace of Hera.
Samos is a Greek island ruled by beauty and legend. Centre of the Ioanian civilization the island, an important center of trade in the Aegean and a major naval force in antiquity.

An astonishing number of delights are packed into this magical island. More than twenty beaches, that range from sandy organized beaches to pebbled secluded ones, and more than forty villages with leafy plane trees, alleyways between stone houses, churches and monasteries and workshops for crafts,pottery and art.

Samos will steal your breath, so make sure you book your tickets in advance and start organizing your holidays!

Reaching Samos by ferry

The island is connected with some other islands including Mykonos, Syros, Ikaria, Fourni and Mitilini but you can easily travel to Samos as well from the main port of Athens, Piraeus. You can reach the beautiful island of Samos approximately within a 12-hour trip but depending on the port of arrival, sailing durations and frequency may vary from season to season.

Samos ferry ports

Samos has 3 ports: Vathi, Karlovassi and Pythagoreion. Depending on the port of departure, visitors can reach Athens, the Cyclades, some islands of the Dodecanese, the north Aegean Sea and the coast of Turkey.

  • Port of Vathi: Vathi is a fish village located in a deep bay on the north coast of the island, protected from all winds. At the port of Vathy there are many bars and restaurants, hotels, banks and a parking lot.
  • Port of Karlovasi: Karlovassi is the second busiest seaport in the island and the second largest village in Samos, located on the northwestern coast of the island. There are a few shops,mini markets, car rentals, cafes and taverns.
  • Port of Pythagorio: Pythagoreion port is located on the southeast part of Samos, near the beautiful Pythagorio village. The port of Pythagoreion is the main ferry departure point to the Dodecanese islands. At the port there are a few taverns, shops and a parking lot.

Public Transportation in Samos


The island has a good bus service from the town of Samos to the villages and beaches.
During summer, there are daily departures from the town of Samos to the beaches of Tsamadou, Psili Ammos and Heraion.

Contact numbers: +30 22730 27262, +30 22730 27270


If you prefer to move around by taxi, the towns of Vathi and Pythagorio are well served. The taxis have a gray color and you can schedule a ride visiting Samos Taxis.

Contact numbers:

  • Samos Taxis: +30 22730 28404
  • Karlovasi Taxis : +30 22730 30777
  • Pythagorio Taxis: +30 22730 61450
  • Kokkari Samos Taxis: +30 22730 92585
  • Chora Samos Taxis: +30 22730 91100

Samos Airport to Samos Port

The airport of Samos International Airport “Aristarchos” is located about 4km away from the village of Pythagoreion. It receives flights from Athens, Chios, Mytilene, Rhodes and Thessaloniki throughout the year. During the summer season it also receives some flights from a few European countries. The duration of the flight from the airport of Athens “ Eleftherios Venizelos”is approximately one hour.
For your transfer to the port or the villages of samos you can use public transport or a taxi for a faster and easier ride.


There is a transit bus service provided between the airport and the city of Samos. There is a public bus stop in front of the terminal building.

For more information, please contact: +30 22730 27262 / 27270


Taxis at Samos airport are available during the opening hours of the airport. The duration of the ride to the city of Samos is approximately 25-30 minutes and the fare is 25-30 € ( there might be an extra charge if you carry many pieces of luggage). There is a taxi stand in front of the terminal building.

Sights and attractions of Samos

Samos is a fantastic place to relax, to enjoy its friendly atmosphere and its great food. The island is famous for its local product of unique quality. Don’t forget to try local olive oil, wine and citrus fruits and some of the local dishes like bourekia (sweet pastries with squash cinnamon), keskesi ( goat stew), tahinopita (tahini cake), xerotigana (fried dough with honey).
Everything around the island is made of color and light. From large beach resorts to rustic villages, forests and interesting sites. The island has been inhabited since Prehistory and has a rich history. Moreover,apart from swimming in fantastic beaches and strolling around villages, Samos is a great destination for nature exploration. The terrain of Samos is a challenge to the visitors that would like to mountain bike. Whether you are in its imposing mountains or in caves, the environment of the island is reminiscent of the Greek hinterland.

A walk through the island allows you to visit its main sights:

  • Take a walk along from Votsalakia in Marathokampos to Mountain Vigla and enjoy more than 1000 species of rare plants as well as dozens of species of birds of prey
  • Visit the most picturesque village of Samos, Manolates
  • Cimb the steps to the Church of Panagia Sarandaskaliotissa, near the entrance of Pythagoras Cave where the famous mathematician was hiding when he was chased by his political opponents
  • Visit the Heraion (Ireon Samos) Sanctuary where according to the tradition the goddess Hera was born and grew up. Unesco has included the temple of Hera in the monuments of world cultural heritage
  • Admire the Castle of Lykourgos Logothetis which was built in the 19th century by Lykourgos Logothetis who was the leader of the Revolution of Samos against the Turks
  • Buy a ticket for the Archaeological Museum of Vathi that hosts findings from excavations on the island that date from the Prehistoric times until the Hellenistic period
  • Arrange a tour in the Museum of Samos Wine which is located in a beautiful 19th century stone building
  • Stroll around the waterfalls in Potami, close to Karlovasi
  • Visit the convents of Zoodochos Pigi Aliotisa, Agia Zoni and its library and Timios Stavros
  • Walk through the Eupalinos Tunnel which is considered one of the most important engineering achievements of antiquity

Hotels in Samos

The most popular places for accommodation on the northern side of the island are Karlovassi, Vathy and Kokkari, while on the southern side, very nice places to stay, with the best options of accommodation are Heraion and Pythagorion. Wherever you might choose to stay you will find many tourist facilities, taverns,cafes and beaches.

Please find below some of the best rated hotels and accommodation in Samos:

  • Hesperia 
  • Ino Village 
  • Anema by the Sea
  • Anthemis Hotel Apartments
  • Grand View Villas
  • Proteas Blu Resort
  • Armonia Bay 
  • Astra Village
  • Arion Hotel
  • Aphrodite Hotel & Suites
  • Kerveli Village 
  • Doryssa Samos Seaside Resort
  • Kokkari Beach 

Beaches in Samos

The island has many beautiful sandy or pebbled beaches as well as waterfalls near Karlovasi where you can swim. Samos' beaches are famous for their green environment and the crystal clear water. There is a beach in Samos for every taste: beaches accessible by car, organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bars or secluded ones, only accessible by boat or through hiking trails.

See our list below of Samos best beaches:

  • Tsamadou: located 13km northwest of Vathy. A pebbled beach with turquoise waters. Organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. When north winds blow, high waves are created
  • Psili Ammos: located 11km southeast of Vathy. Sandy beach with shallow waters, ideal for children
  • Mykali: located 8km south of Vathy. A small,pebbled beach with clear emerald waters and views of the opposite coasts of Turkey
  • Mikro Seitani: located 35km northwest of Vathy. A small,non organized, secluded and pebbled beach, ideal for relaxation
  • Megalo Seitani: located 38km northwest of Vathy. One of the best sandy beaches in Samos, secluded, with lush vegetation and clear waters
  • Potami: located 34km northwest of Vathy. A family friendly, partly organized pebbled beach, surrounded by tall rocks and trees, creating an impressive scenery
  • Tsabou: located 15km northwest of Vathy. A beautiful organized beach with emerald green waters and large pebbles

Island hopping from Samos

Samos is a really good starting point for island hopping. Starting from the ports of Samos there are frequent direct sailings at a relatively low cost to the neighboring Dodecanese islands and some of the most popular islands of the Cycladic Sea.Take a ferry from Samos and do not miss the chance to visit:

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