Ferry from Crete to Rhodes

Ferrry to Rhodes - Iconic view on golden bell and typical blue. White church on Greek Island Kalymnos, Greece.

Find all the necessary information about schedules, ferry types and the distance and learn how you can travel with a ferry from Crete to Rhodes!

As soon as you arrive in Rhodes, also known as the Knights Island, you will be amazed by the unique combination of nature,culture, urban landscape and history that made Rhodes famous in all the lengths of the Earth. The imposing buildings, the natural landscape, the ancient towns meet with amazing beaches, culinary delights and an invigorating nightlife. Rhodes has so many highlights and such a unique atmosphere that one visit could never be enough.

Book your tickets to Rhodes in advance and don´t miss the opportunity to visit the most important monument of the island, Rhodes Old Town that is a Unesco World Heritage Site, attracting millions of visitors.

Distance between Crete and Rhodes

The distance between Crete and Rhodes is approximately 336 kilometers ( 181 nautical miles).

Crete to Rhodes ferry time and schedule

You can travel from Crete to Rhodes either from the port of Sitia or the port of Heraklion.

  • Sitia to Rhodes Ferry: Depending on the seasonality and the demand, there are routes from the port of Sitia to Rhodes all year round approximately 2-3 times a week. This route is served by a normal/ conventional ferry and the trip duration is approximately 11 hours. The trip with a conventional boat is slower than a trip with a high speed ferry but there is the opportunity to stay on deck and enjoy the endless sea view of the Aegean Sea. Sitia´s ferry port is located on the northeastern edge of the island Crete
  • Heraklion to Rhodes Ferry: Οnce a week there is also a route to Rhodes from the port of Heraklion. The duration of the sailing is approximately 14 hours, served by a conventional ferry as well. The port of Heraklion is the third busiest port of Greece as it serves around 2 million passengers. It is located in central Crete along the north coast, 145 km east of the town of Chania and 3km west of the nearest airport of Crete Nikos Kazantzakis International

Where do the ferries arrive in Rhodes?

The island has 4 different ports and all of them have different uses. Acadia or Akantia Harbor is the main port of the island just 3km away from the city centre and it welcomes many cruise ships.
Mandraki Port is located in the city centre of Rhodes and all the small boats depart from there usually for daily excursions to the neighbouring islands of Symi, Marmaris and more.
Kolona Port is just opposite of the main entrance of the old town and its use is similar to the port of Mandraki.
Tourist Harbor is located near the Old Town and the city center and many boards to other nearby islands depart from there.

Tips for your ferry trip to Rhodes

  • During high season, both ports are most of the time crowded, so book your tickets in advance and be at the port in time for check-in and embarkation, especially if you have to board with your car
  • Have a look in our dedicated page to the island of Rhodes in order to find information about the available means of transport to and from the port, as well as to get ideas for your holidays
  • Rhode´s location is ideal for island hopping to the rest of the Dodecanese
  • Spend at least 4 days in Rhodes and explore the island to the fullest
  • Use our online booking platform to check all the available timetables & prices
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