Ferry to Favignana

Tourists who debark from the ferry to Favignana, the butterfly shaped island, must give a chance and taste its famous seafood specialty, tuna!

Passengers who are sailing to Favignana (ancient Aegusa) for their holidays, will not regret their visit to this beautiful island. Favignana is without a doubt, the most visited island of the Egadi island complex and also the one which has the most to offer to its visitors. You can do many things on the isle like snorkeling, biking, walking, sunbathing at its astonishing beaches and of course taste its delicious seafood cuisine. Favignana is famous for its tuna factory which was established back in the time and launched the island’s economy which now, has been turned into a museum and a definitely must see site. The Castello di Santa Caterina is another place worth visiting, either on foot or with a bike until the half and also take a moment there to enjoy the splendid view of the island and its nearby ones. The tufa quarries are the next you have to see. These huge stones were excavated by the Romans in the early ages and were used for many reasons one of each was to build the Coliseum. Villa Margherita and its well-maintained garden must not be forgotten too.

Moving forward, Spaggia di Cala Rossa the rocky beach with its turquoise waters, Grotte blue Marino, Lido Burrone the sandy beach and probably the most visited and many others are the perfect places to spend your time relaxing, sunbathing, swimming or even snorkeling. Last but not least, there is no way you won’t be charmed by the local tastes which are mostly seafood (octopus, shrimps, fish and especially tuna) and fresh vegetables.

Favignana is one of the five mountainous Aegadian islands in the Mediterranean Sea, located 16 km southwest of Trapani in Sicily. Ferry routes Favignana include the routes from and to Trapani, Marettimo and Marsala especially in high season months.

Favignana Port

Favignana port is located north on the island and is part of the main and most crowded village. Being the biggest of the three Aegadian islands, its port hosts many fishing boats as well as vessels full of passengers every summer. The port area includes a tourist information station, vehicle renting office and some eating places. After debarking, it is very easy to get around since transportation in Favignana is well developed. 

Here are your transportation alternatives during your vacation in Favignana:


There is a stop at the port and several other in the most important places on the island. Please, visit Favignana Bus to learn more about the schedules.


There is a taxi service based in the port of Favignana. Please, visit Favignana Taxis or call +39 348 586 0676 (-77).


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