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Ferry to Favignana - The transparent seewater of Lido Burrone in Favignana, Aegadian Islands, Sicily.
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Take the ferry to Favignana, the largest and most attractive of the islands of the Aegadian Archipelago and enjoy its relaxing atmosphere for unique holidays!

The island of Favignana is located about 4 miles off the west coast of Sicily and is quite beloved by Sicilians for its authenticity and natural beauty.Compared to the other islands of the Egadi Archipelago it is much more lively and bustling and offers the visitor besides beautiful beaches and coves with crystal clear waters, wonderful routes for hiking excursions, beautiful food and remarkable places to visit.Favignana, unlike other more famous Italian islands, is not overrun with tourists even in the peak months and this makes it have an authenticity that enchants the visitor combined with the incredible hospitality of the locals. Nothing is pretentious and you can make your own agenda without being pressured by a specific tourist program.

The name of Favignana was a country of the Phoenicians. It was a nerve center of Carthaginian power in the central Mediterranean. In particular, Favignana and Marettimo are explicitly mentioned in the classical sources for military operations in 241 BC in the battle between Carthaginians and Romans, a battle that decided the fate of the Carthaginian War against Rome. Favignana preserves signs of the Carthaginian civilisation with settlements and underground tombs. With the fall of the Roman Empire, the Arabs arrived in Sicily and ruled it from the end of the 9th century and evidence of the Arab presence in Favignana is the area of the so-called "Torretta" (Little Tower), built by the Arabs, such as the towers of St. Catherine and St. Leonard. After the Arabs, the Normans came, with the fortress of San Giacomo in Favignana being a representative Norman monument. In modern times, the main sources of income for the inhabitants of Favignana are fishing and, in recent years, tourism.

In recent years, Favignana has become increasingly popular not only with Italians but also with tourists from all over the world because apart from its attractive beaches, its unique caves that inspire diving enthusiasts, its mild climate all year round, it has unique landscapes and places to wander and great food. Favignana is an ideal destination even for a day trip very easily from Trapani or by sailing boat to explore the coves and the other islands of Levanzo and Marettimo.

Don't waste time and plan your trip to Favignana by booking your tickets in advance to find the best prices and offers.

How to get to Favignana by ferry

The ferry connection to Favignana is mainly from the port of Trapani, which is located at the westernmost end of Sicily. There are also some connections from the other port in the province of Marsala, but they are less frequent. In addition, there are many excellent day trips by boat to Favignana but they certainly cost much more than the liner ferries. The connection from Trapani is daily with frequent sailings (hourly) with two ferry companies with large, modern and fast boats with a transit time of about 30 and a conventional boat that takes longer.

Ferry connections to / from Favignana

There are frequent ferry connections to and from Favignana!
To Favignana the connections are from the Sicilian ports of Trapani and Marsala and if you are already on the island you can easily travel to the other islands of Aegadia, Levantzo and Maretimo.

Below we give you a summary of all ferry routes to and from Favignana:

  • Trapani - Favignana: very frequent crossings on a daily basis with journey duration from 30 minutes to 50 minutes
  • Marsala - Favignana: daily crossings with journey duration of 30 minutes
  • Favignana - Levanzo: many daily routes with journey duration ranging from 10 minutes to 20 minutes
  • Favignana - Marettimo: daily crossings with journey duration from 25 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes depending on the vessel

Port of Favignana

Favignana has a port on the island of the same name, which is the largest of the Aegean islands and is located in the center of the coast. The port has a pier for ferries, hydrofoils and fishing boats and fishing boats. The marina is lively throughout the day, with restaurants, bars and a supermarket in the surrounding area and tourists can rent yachts with or without crew, bicycles to wander around the island and live a unique experience.

Move around Favignana

There are several ways to move around Favignana. Either on foot or by bicycle, normal or electric, which is the main means of transport on the island, or by public bus only during the peak months and clearly by car or motorbike, which is however binding since from June to September, except for residents, it is forbidden.
Let's see below the ways you can get around while you are on the island of Favignana?

Public bus

There are buses (local company Tarantola) that run only during the peak months and cover the tour around the island. We recommend the shuttle bus, because it is the easiest and cheapest way to move around the island,especially for a family. For more information on bus schedule, please check Favignana Bus

Rent a car/ scooter

Τhis option is definitely the most convenient way to get around any part of the island. However, it is a bit binding because from June to September the circulation of motor vehicles is prohibited, except for residents of the island. On the island there are also several car and motorbike rental services in the port area. For more information, you may visit Favignana Vehicle Rentals.

By bicycle

Favignana is a place suitable for cycling and the bicycle, both regular and electric, is considered the main means of transport on the island.The main reason is that it has many cycling routes and the traveler can reach even the most inaccessible places! Definitely an ideal solution if you consider it quite economical.

By Taxi

The taxi service is satisfactory and is also available in the evening hours. You can find taxis parked at the port of disembarkation or in the Piazza Castello area. The fare is approximately 12.00 euros for a one-way trip regardless of the distance.There is also a taxi service from Palermo airport to Trapani-Favignana. For more information, please visit Favignana Taxis.

By Treno Turistico Egadilandia

It is a tourist train that goes around the island starting from the port. We wouldn't say it's the ideal way to see the island but it is ideal for those having young children. For more information, you may visit Treno Turistico Egadilandia

Hire a boat

Excellent choice for the visitor to get to know the coast of Favignana from the sea. The boat can be rented from various companies located in the port area. The cost depends on the boat, luxury and capacity.It is certainly not the most economical option but for a day trip the experience is unique.

Vacations in Favignana

A holiday in Favignana will certainly offer something different to the visitor whether it is a day trip from the seaside town of Trapani or spending more days there! The island's thirty-seven kilometer coastline of steep cliffs created by nature creates a stunningly beautiful spectacle. Located off the coast of western Sicily, the island has an authenticity and a relaxed pace of life that lends itself to true rest and tranquility! Although the size of the island is quite small, it is nevertheless not lacking in history and culture with sights that are definitely worth a visit and traditions that the hospitable locals will introduce to travelers.

Favignana is very popular among Sicilians and the locals for its incredible crystal clear waters and attractive beaches with amazing diving opportunities. The island has rich marine life and unique fauna! It does not have a lively nightlife, although it is considered the liveliest of the Aegean islands with most restaurants, bars and shops being located in the pedestrianized center which is the modern part of the island, namely Piazza Madrice and Piazza Europa. For those who love good food and especially seafood, Favignana is the place to be as it is famous for its tuna fishing and on the island you will find fresh seafood of many different varieties!

The island even in the summer months of July and August is never crowded and this gives the opportunity to every type of traveler to enjoy the peace and quiet with many activities in nature and at the sea. The ease of getting to the island of Favignana is another advantage and the approach is by hydrofoil or boat from Trapani.Finally, in Favignana you will find beautiful accommodation options depending on the personal budget.

If you are thinking about your next trip and need to enjoy a natural unspoilt and idyllic place, book your tickets in advance to Favignana, an oasis worth exploring.


There are several highlights to see during your visit to Favignana and below are some of them:

  • Tuff Caves: for the last ten years in the center of Favignana, an extraordinary stone has been extracted from the cave, mistakenly called a “tuff”. This activity was so intense that the morphological aspect of the island was altered. The cave has taken the form of an incredible monument, a kind of artistic sculpture more akin to a cathedral. The caves from which the stones were quarried remain and have become real sights, and some people see them as works of art, while some of them have been turned into beautiful gardens.
  • Ipogei Gardens: some of the Tuff caves have become gardens where you will see colorful flowers and vegetables. It is worth visiting the gardens and taking unique photos
  • Santa Caterina Castle: the castle dates back to the Norman era and was a former prison and is definitely one of the castles to visit.It is situated majestically on top of the mountain and the view of Favignana is breathtaking
  • Florio Palace: was built in 1878 and presents neo-Gothic and liberty architectural styles. It is associated with tuna fishing, as it has hosted many important figures in the industry
    The Florio Establishment:this museum offers a lot of information about the history and culture of Favignana, the Florio family and the tuna fishing industry
  • The Archaeological Area of San Nicola: the largest concentration of archaeological evidence still visible on the island is found in San Nicola, on the northeastern coast.The area was inhabited as early as the Archaic era, a fact documented by the presence of caves for habitation and burial, such as the Grotta del Pozzo , Grotta di San Nicola, Tomba a Forno , Bagno Delle Donne, Necropoli e Grotta Dello Stemma, etc.
  • Grotte bue marino: is one of the most important attractions of the Gulf of Orosei and one of the most beautiful and famous caves in Italy
    Meet the rich marine life and go scuba diving; there are many attractive underwater sites on the island of Favignana for diving and exploring the rich marine reserve
    Rent a bicycle and explore the island:explore the island even in the most difficult places with a bike and enjoy the wonderful nature
  • Visit the fish market: enjoy fresh seafood and especially tuna salted on the island
  • Visit the beaches of the island for real relaxation: the island is famous for its beautiful beaches with clear crystal waters
  • Visit Piazza Madrice: make a walk in the heart of Favignana

Beaches of Favignana

The beaches of Favignana have one thing in common: they are pristine, very beautiful and most of them uncrowded even in the peak months.Favignana has many choices of beaches, rocky or sandy, more pristine or touristic but all of them have their own charm.

Below we give you the list of the beaches you will find in Favignana:

  • Cala Rossa: one of the most popular beaches, with large rocks and a small stretch of sand.A good choice for those who don't mind walking down a big hill, to compensate for the view of a stunning beach with a deep blue sea.
  • Lido Burrone: is one of the busiest beaches in Favignana, as it is long, wide and completely sandy. The advantage is that it has most tourist facilities, such as sunbeds for rent, bars and restaurants
  • Cala Azzurra: is another long, sandy beach, so you can choose between two traditional beaches, Praia which is closer to the town of Favignana, not far from the port and Bue Marino which is an extremely popular choice, which anyone with diving experience should visit
  • Cala Rotonda: it is a natural harbor, and under the picturesque arch you will find small bays that are easily accessible

Hotels in Favignana

It is noteworthy that despite the small size of the island of Egadi, the hotels in Favignana are very well-kept and some of them are luxurious.What a traveler to this island should know is that because it is very small and has only one town, he should secure his accommodation in time to find the accommodation that will meet his needs.

Here is the list of the most favorite hotels in Favignana, always according to the reviews of the visitors:

  • Cave Bianche Hotel: A four star hotel located in a cave in a unique location
  • Villaggio Cala la Luna: a luxury resort located 10 minutes walk from Marina di Favignana with nice rooms decorated with local artworks, natural stone and marble
  • Hotel Tempo di Mare: is located in the center of Favignana and is completely redesigned and transformed since 2008 in a white shell with a minimalist and modern look, in a unique environment
  • I Pretti Resort: a beautiful stone hotel built in 1873 renovated with beautiful surroundings
  • Casa Faro Favignana: a luxury house which consists of two separate apartments that can be used independently or as a whole, is perfectly integrated into the landscape. The house has been designed in a contemporary "isolano" style and has been constructed with local materials such as sandstone reminiscent of the tofu quarries found on the coastline
  • Dimora dell Olivastro: is a residence located at the foot of Mount Santa Caterina, among dry stone walls and ancient olive trees. It has terraces with panoramic views and has wonderfully elegant rooms
  • Geco Resort: is an old one located in the center of the island and surrounded by 20,000 square meters of open park. It consists of 4 buildings which have been converted into 10 elegant apartments
  • Dimora La Torre Room: is a luxury hotel with lovely rooms with balcony and many services
  • Villa Pirreca: is a 3-star property about a 20-minute stroll of Castello di Santa Caterina
  • Hotel Tempo di Mare: it features a panoramic terrace with views of Levanzo Island, 650 meters from Piazza Madrice. It offers elegant rooms decorated with whitewashed walls and elegantly furnished
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