Ferry from Kalymnos to Kos

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Taking the ferry from Kalymnos to Kos, reaching a historic Greek island, and one of the most popular in the Dodecanese group, famous for its endless coastline!

Kalymnos belongs to the island complex of the Dodecanese and is located near the Turkish mainland.
Kalymnos is located between Kos and Leros and is the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese. It is surrounded by quiet little islands, some of which are inhabited only by sheep and goats, while others - such as Telendos and Pserimos - have only a few houses and taverns. Kalymnos' landscape is rocky, its majestic hillsides are scented with thyme, sage and oregano - essential ingredients for the delicious honey for which the island is famous.

Kos in Greece is the second most popular island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes. It is touristically developed and its facilities are quite busy during the summer season. Famous for its beaches, the island offers many historical attractions that are a result of the various cultures that have influenced it over the years. Kos is also a great destination for cycling enthusiasts!
Kos, home of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, gives the impression of an open-air museum, where you will see ancient and medieval monuments, as well as numerous archaeological sites, and you will spot buildings dating back to the Italian occupation.
It's a destination for all ages and tastes, but especially if you love nature activities!

Depart for the beautiful dodecanese island and book your tickets in advance as this destination is in high demand especially during the summer months!

Kalymnos to Kos ferry duration

The ferry duration from Kalymnos to Kos (all ports) is between 30m - 1h 15m, depending on the ferry company and the type of ferry you wish to travel with.

Kalymnos to Kos ferry schedule 

There are ferry companies operating from Kalymnos to Mastihari, kos.
You can get a ferry from Kalymnos to Kos (all ports) all year round. On this route, you can find both direct routes and routes with stopovers on other islands. From June to September, there are usually more than 6 companies departing from the port of Kalymnos, while during the winter months there are usually fewer.

Ferry distance from Kalymnos to Kos 

The ferry distance from port of Kalymnos to Kos is located 24.40 kilometers (15.16 miles)

Helpful tips for your ferry trip from Kalymnos to Kos 

  • The port of Kalymnos can get quite busy in the summer, so we recommend that you arrive at least 1 hour before departure
  • The island of Kos is a very popular destination for summer vacation, so book your tickets in advance through our website and enjoy your ferry trip
  • Visit our booking engine in order to find the timetable & the prices for your ferry trip from Kalymnos to Kos
  • You can discover island-hopping options from Kalymnos to nearby islands, such as Patmos, Lipsi, Leros, Kos and Nisyros are all accessible for day trips
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