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Passengers traveling by ferry to Karpathos approach the second-largest island of the Dodecanese in the Karpathian Pelagos between Crete and Rhodes!

It’s an island with very strong traditions that the inhabitants maintain until today. Pigadia is the capital of the island where the port is also situated and the most organized area of the islands. Its name comes from the Greek word “wells”, due to the fact that many of them existed there in older times. Most of the buildings and houses of the village are newly built by the American aliens who return every summer to spend their holidays there. Modern comforts and traditions are well combined in every corner of Pigadia.

When traveling to the destination Karpathos make sure to visit the village of Olympos. It’s a really special experience. The village is built in a mountainous and remote location. Due to its geographical position and its isolation from the rest of the island's villages, the inhabitants of Olympus kept the village's physiognomy as well as their traditions. Its main characteristic is that even today most of the residents are dressed in their local costumes and speak their local dialect. The village is a lively folk museum. Karpathos also has many beautiful beaches to offer. Take a dive in Kyra Panagias beach what’s considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece due to its exotic waters and beach sand. Before leaving with the ferries from Karpathos make sure you have visited the islet of Saria situated in the northern edge of Karpathos. The 2 islands were believed to be one in ancient times but a strong earthquake separated them.

Ferries Karpathos departs frequently from the port of Piraeus and the trip takes about 15 hours. Karpathos is also connected with the islands of Anafi, Chalki, Heraklion (Crete), Karpathos (Diafani), Kasos, Milos, Rhodes, Santorini and Sitia.

Ferry Port Karpathos

Karpathos has two ports, Pigadia and Diafani. On our webpage Ferry Diafani you will get information on Diafani port in Karpathos.

Forthcoming information advice on how to get to the ferry port Pigadia by bus and taxi as well as its geographical location.

How to get to Pigadia Port

Get to Pigadia port by bus and taxi.


There is a public bus transfer service with daily connections to and from Pigadia port. For more information, please visit the Pigadia Bus Service Website.


In order to schedule a taxi transfer, please call the tel. numbers +30 22450 22705, +30 6977271997, +30 6981902337, +30 22450 22705, +30 6972039749, +30 6977738210.

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