Ferry from Rhodes to Karpathos

Ferry to Karpathos - Beautiful Apella beach hidden between high mountains in Karpathos island. Greece.

Passengers traveling by ferry from Rhodes to Karpathos enjoy a pleasant crossing between the two largest islands of the Dodecanese group in the Aegean Sea!

Departing from Rhodes, the island of Knights, it is certain that you leave behind the promise to come back next summer to relive this entire experience of your vacation on such a special island. It is a place with a great history, past and future, many attractions, events and festivals that you wish to have much more spare time to attend and participate in. The Medieval fortified old town, the Ancient sites, the museums, the castles and the churches attract every traveler's interest and curiosity to see and learn more and more about Rhodes. We must not fail to mention the cosmopolitan organized beaches, the beautiful villages and the gastronomic delights of the local cuisine.

Karpathos is an island with so many alterations and contrasts that every visitor cannot be indifferent. Deep caves, green valleys, mountains, beaches with crystal waters, all these make up the diversity and aura of this island that differs from many others. Olympos, Othos and Menetes are the most beautiful villages of Karpathos and together with the archaeological sites of Arkassa and Potideon make the stay on the island tempting and unique. A great range of activities like hiking through the valley of Pigadia and trekking on the Kali Limni mountain have piqued the interest of those who want a bit of adventure for their vacations.

A trip by ferry to both islands can be real! Have all the information needed with a quick visit to our website and book your ferry tickets in advance. The ferry timetable Rhodes to Karpathos is available enabling you to plan your vacations.

Rhodes to Karpathos ferry schedule

The ferries depart all year round from the main port of Rhodes with destination the main port of Karpathos Pigadia or Diafani, a little fishing village located in the northeast side of the island. The traditional village with the colorful houses offers beaches with crystal clear waters ιn a relaxing atmosphere.
Rhodes to Karpathos ferry schedules may change according to seasonality. From June to September you can usually find more options, so check our online reservation system for the available dates, prices and offers.

Rhodes to Karpathos ferry time

The ferry Rhodes Karpathos connects the two popular holiday destinations with several routes and the crossings last from 5h 50 min and 3h 10 min the fastest. The ferry time from Rhodes main port to Diafani is 4h 30 min. The duration of the trip varies according to the type of ferry and the stops at other islands.

Rhodes to Karpathos ferry distance

Rhodes to Karpathos ferry distance is 75 nautical miles (139 km)

Rhodes to Karpathos ferry type

The Rhodes to Karpathos itinerary is operated by both conventional and high speed ferries with all the modern facilities for a safe and comfortable journey. There is a great selection of any accommodation type such as economy seats or numbered lounge seats, outside, inside or lux cabins. During the trip you can drink your coffee or take a snack at the inside or outside bars.

Useful information and tips for your journey

  • The trip from Rhodes to Karpathos is very popular for tourists and locals during the summer period, so have in mind to be at the port the time suggested in your booking confirmation
  • Visit our pages dedicated to Rhodes and Karpathos to receive more detailed information about the attractions of the islands, the beaches and the means of transport
  • During your stay in Karpathos you can visit the inhabited small island of Saria and the beach Palatia
  • The access is possible by boat from the central port Pigadia or Diafani on the north side
  • Try the Carpathian cuisine at a local restaurant
  • Your pet is welcome on board. For more information check our relative page of the terms and conditions
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