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Passengers who take the ferry to Kea or else Tzia, are going to arrive in the closest to Athens island of the Cycladic group, known for its untouched charm!

The latest years, Kea which is also known as Tzia, has become a popular tourist destination especially for those who live in or close to the capital of Greece, Athens. Due to the fact that it abstains only 23 kilometers from the port of Lavrio, the island constitutes an ideal stop for weekends or even for a day trip, starting from the morning and returning at night.

It is worth mentioning that Kea has almost untouched nature and clean beaches which makes it ideal for a perfect and relaxing vacation. Furthermore, the island is famous for its plenty of organized hiking trails throughout the whole area and this is the reason that it is an attraction for explorers and mountain bikers as well from all around the world.

Tzia island belongs to the Cyclades, it is the 6th biggest between them in expanse by covering an area of 131.693 km2 and has a population of around 2.400 permanent inhabitants. It's most crowded places where shops, restaurants and cafes are situated, are the port of Kea in Korissia, the center of the island called Ioulida and Bourkari which is also the most expensive one.

Have everything planned and make your booking with a ferry to Kea in advance so as to be organized and enjoy a perfect summer holiday.

Kea ferry port

The Kea port is located in Korissia, northwestern on the island. It is a relatively small port but becomes very busy during high season periods with many ferry connections from Athens but also from the surrounding islands.

Below, we provide information on how to move around Kea with public transportation.


There is a public bus transfer service with daily connections to and from Kea port. For more information, please call +30 693 903 7105, +30 693 899 6126.
Most hotels in Kea offer their own transportation service that picks you up and takes you to your accommodation and to the port. Call them in order to organize your transfer.


If you want to schedule a taxi transfer, please call +30 693 666 0251, +30 697 757 5822.

Day trips from Kea

Kea’s position in the Aegean Sea does not only make it easily accessible by Athens but also from the surrounding islands like Kythnos, Andros, Syros and more. Many travelers are making day trips with a ferry from and to Kea in summer in order to explore as many Greek islands as possible.

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