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Passengers travelling by ferry to Andros visit one of the most famous and beautiful islands of the Cyclades Island Group!

Travelling to the Destination Andros

The island is the 2nd largest of the Cyclades Group, following Naxos, and is located in the north-eastern part of the group. It is a very large island and offers a lot of sightseeing. Both the touristic infrastructure and the road network are well constructed. Therefore it is a good idea to explore the island in your own car or in a rented one.

Passengers travelling to the destination Andros find white sandy beaches, which is typical for the Cyclades, and rather uncommon, rich green stretches of land and valleys. Menites, Stenies and Apikia are villages that seem to hide in the vegetation. Olive trees, pines and fruit trees luxuriate because of the famous Sariza spring, which provides natural spring water to the whole country. Visitors are very impressed by the golden sandy beaches with their clear blue waters, by lots of landmarks and the island’s architecture, which brings to mind past glories of Andros.

Andros is easily approachable by ferries from Piraeus and Rafina in Athens. In addition to the conventional ferries, high speed ferries connect the island during summer in order to encounter the high touristic fluctuation that the island experiences every year. Euboea and Tinos are also easily accessible from Andros.

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Ferry Port Andros - How to get there

Map of Ferry Port of Andros on Cyclades Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Andros

  • 84 500 Andros, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 228 202 2250
  • GPS: 37.838482, 24.938082
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