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Ferry to Lampedusa - Flower of Lampedusa, Italian summer.
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Passengers debarking from the ferry to Lampedusa will be enchanted by the lovely beaches, especially by the famous one in the opposite island, the Rabbit Beach!

Lampedusa is one of the three Pelagie Islands in the Mediterranean Sea between Malta and Tunis with an area of 20 square kilometers and population of approx. 6000 people. It is a part of the Sicilian province of Agrogento together with the islands Linosa and Lampione. The island of Lampedusa, although it belongs to Italy, is located closer to Africa rather than to the Sicilian coast.

The name of the island has Greek roots with different variations and etymologies like “lepas” which means ”rock” because of the rocky landscape or “lampas” which means “torch” derived from the lights placed on the island for sailors.
Since it was inhabited by Romans, Arabs and Greeks over the past centuries, Lampedusa still holds their culture and architecture. Being a maritime base for the ancient Phoenicians and Berbers, the island suffered from the raids of Saracens and later on from pirate attacks of the Barbarians. As a result, it remained uninhabited and used only from corsairs as a shelter, until 1667 when the resettlement was started by the Tomasi family. After a long period and different attempts for colonization of Lampedusa by the British, it was sold to the Kingdom of Naples and in 1861 became a part of the Kingdom of Italy.

Tourists traveling to Lampedusa are going to witness the Mediterranean at its best. Turquoise clear waters surround the entire island and you can find the perfect relaxation swimming there and sunbathing under the hot summer sun.
Except for beach lovers, Lampedusa attracts snorkelers, scuba divers and hikers as well. Divers are amazed by the rich underwater world which also contains the so-called statue Madonna del Mare, surrounded by fish and octopuses. For hikers and land rovers, this rocky island can be interesting to explore, containing many marked and unmarked pathways providing splendid views all over the sea. In the heart of this small island, where most hotels and people are gathered, you can find many good Italian restaurants and stores. Lampedusa’s cuisine would not be an exception, serving excellent spaghetti with fish, octopus, mussels and shrimps accompanied with cooled white wine.

Book your Lampedusa ferry tickets as early as possible in order to secure them and have a pleasant holiday!

Lampedusa ferry routes

Lampedusa ferry routes occur from and to Linosa and Porto Empedocle mostly in summer months. Take a hydrofoil and make a day trip to discover the beauties of both places.

Lampedusa ferry port

Lampedusa ferry port is located in the southeastern part of the island and is composed of 3 little coves where yachts, fishing boats and passenger ships are hosted. The port is well organized since there are many tourists visiting the isle every year and around the area you can find many eating places, cafes and accommodations.

Lampedusa Airport to Lampedusa Port

The airport of Lampedusa is very close to the main town where the port belongs. You can either walk for a maximum of 20 minutes or hire a private vehicle. More information can be found at Lampedusa Airport Transfers.

Places of interest in Lampedusa

Lampedusa holidays can include not only the beaches but also places of interest that show the history and the culture of the island.

Some of the most visited are the following:

  • Sanctuary of the Madonna di Porto Salvo, adored by the people of Lampedusa, was originally a cave dating back to the 13th century. After a bombing during the Second World War the sanctuary was destroyed but the statue of Virgin Mary remained intact and nobody was killed. Madonna, being the patron saint of the Lampedusa population, is honored and celebrated every September for two weeks.
  • The Archeological Museum of the Pelagie in Lampedusa is located in Via Roma and on the first floor hosts the exhibition of the Museum of Trust and Dialogue for the Mediterranean opened in June 2016. On the ground there is a collection of finds from the Neolithic to Roman period. Moreover the museum hosts temporary exhibitions from other famous museums like Uffizi
  • Live the experience of a tour by boat and explore every corner of Lampedusa island. Swim in the crystal turquoise waters, visit the coves and inlets or enjoy a lunch or dinner on a fishing boat. Choose a day or evening trip, drink leisurely you aperitif and for sure this tour will be unforgettable
  • Visit the Capo Grecela Lighthouse, preferably at dawn, situated on the northeastern part of the island. From this point you can admire the dawn and have a little romanticism
  • The Gate of Europe, designed in 2008 by Mimmo Paladino in memory of the migrants who died while crossing the sea.The monument can be found close to the airport
  • Dammusi are traditional stone buildings of Arab origin with a domed roof and thick walls, most of them renovated by individuals who bought them to serve as holiday houses and hotels. Do not search for Lampedusa resorts and villas for accommodation as Dammusi buildings are the most picturesque and in harmony with the environment and the landscapes
  • Take a ferry Lampedusa and visit the Island of Linosa with the black volcanic rocks for a day trip

Lampedusa beaches

The weather is calm and sunny, so traveling between May and October is the best period. September is ideal for exploring the island and enjoying the beaches. Most of the beaches can be found in the south of Lampedusa while the north part, mostly rocky, is only accessible by sea

  • Rabbit Beach Lampedusa is rated as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Sea lovers will be stunned by the numerous beaches of the island and especially by the famous Isola dei Conigli or else, the Rabbit Island. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful shores included in the Mediterranean Sea. The whole coast there is protected since the loggerhead sea turtle is laying its eggs
  • Cala Tabaccara, in the north area, is only accessible by boat and the only option for swimming is to jump from a boat. The waters are amazing, perfect for divers, and you can book a boat trip in order to enjoy a wonderful experience with the most impressive sights
  • Cala Croce is a beach with white sand and rocks to choose the part you prefer. On the sandy part you can find umbrellas and sunbeds but you can also taste the seafood local dishes at the restaurant nearby
  • Cala Guitgia is a beach near the port and the town. Due to the proximity to Lampedusa city it is preferred by locals and tourists. Shops and restaurants can be found nearby
    The inlet of Cala Greca is a very small inlet, surprisingly crowded during high season, although it is difficult to reach by walking through the rocks
  • Cala Francese, in the south area with turquoise waters, is easily accessible by car and provides facilities like umbrellas and sunbeds for rent
  • Cala Pulcino offers a sandy shore and crystal clear waters. The best option is to rent a boat, otherwise there is a long walking distance of about 40 min
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