Ferry to Linosa

Tourists who debark from the ferry to Linosa are landing on an impressive rocky volcanic island where the Faraglioni of Linosa cannot be missed from sight!

Passengers who board the ferries to Linosa island are being disembarked at a very graphical and picturesque small harbor with colorful little houses. Once a deserted island, Linosa now relies on its rich agriculture and tourism in summer months. Being a volcanic island, meaning that it is rocky with high cliffs makes it a perfect destination for divers but also for land rovers since it contains a lot of wild nature and numerous paths to follow which lead to mounts where you can hike and admire the magical view over the sea. Its main town is very small with very few permanent inhabitants and it is not accessible by car in summer but only on foot or bike.

In addition, Linosa is not famous for its beaches since they are not sandy or easy to reach but if you decide to visit them, with a little climbing and some by the use of a boat, you will not be disappointed by the result. You will witness some splendid landscapes and the combination with the black sand of the volcano makes it even prettier. If you are lucky enough you may see some Caretta Caretta turtles since they lay their eggs there. Last but not least, as Linosa being an agricultural island, offers a big variety of fresh vegetables accompanied with the Italian cuisine.

Linosa is a very small island of approx. 5 square kilometers, located 160 kilometers south of Sicily and has a population of around 400 permanent inhabitants. Ferry routes Linosa occur from and to Lampedusa and Porto Empedocle especially in summer months.   

Linosa Port

Placed on the island's west side, Linosa port does not include many facilities in and around it. You will have to reach the main settlement just a few meters away. There, you will be able to find your hotel or apartment, grocery stores and restaurants. If you want to explore the island, the better way to achieve it is by hiking, renting a bike or by making boat tours. Ask your landlord for available services on the island.

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