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Ferry to Porto Empedocle - The rocky white cliffs Stair of the Turks, Sicily, Italy.
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The passengers who are traveling by ferry to Porto Empedocle in Sicily, have the opportunity to explore the fascinating natural environment and beautiful beaches!

Porto Empedocle in the Province of Agrigento, is the most important portal center in south-western Sicily and outstands for the cultivation of almonds, cereals, and grapes. The fishing resources are rich, especially as per sardines, anchovies, and mackerel, exhibited at the market held every week.

The town's original name was Marina di Girgenti, since the XX century it was the arrival point of all the cereal production of the area of Agrigento. The latter name comes from the famous Greek philosopher Empedocles, citizen of Akragas (Agrigentum). In Porto Empedocle you can visit outstanding monuments such us the Quadrangular Tower of Carlo V, the Chiesa Madre dedicated to SS. Salvatore dated 1904, and the eighteenth century Chiesa del Buon Consiglio. Porto Empedocle was founded under the name of Marina di Girgenti as the port of the ancient city of Girgenti, the current Agrigento. In the 16th century, the Torre del Caricatore di Girgenti tower was restored and was an important part of the defense of the marine area. In 1863 the name of the city changed to Empedocle as a tribute to the Greek philosopher Empedocle, who was born in Akragas . In 2009 Porto Empedocle officially became a city.

Porto Empedocle is a typical medieval seaside town rich in history and traditions. This small village is the birth lend of two important popular Italian writers, Luigi Pirandello and Andrea Camilleri.

The old town center includes two charming monuments like the Mother Church and the Carlo V Tower, built in the 16th century by the emperor Carlo V, was designed by the Tuscan architect and sculptor Camillo Camillani. There is a rail link between Porto Empedocle to the central station of Agrigento and some cruise ships stop here and there is a ferry connection with the Pelagie Islands.


Porto Empedocle ferry routes

Porto Empedocle Ferry Routes connect the Italian Pelagie Islands, Linosa and Lampedusa, with the Sicilian city port as follows:

  • Linosa to Porto Empedocle with a ferry journey lasting 3 hours
  • Lampedusa to Porto Empedocle is a boat trip with a duration of 4h 15min. There is a stopover to Linosa

Our online booking engine can give you all the information required about the prices and schedules for all the ferry routes to Porto Empedocle. With a few clicks you can book your tickets in advance in order to find availability.

Porto Empedocle ferry port

Porto Empedocle ferry port is located in the town center facing Linosa, Lampedusa and Malta. It is composed of two piers which are called Banchina Sciangula and Banchina Todaro.

Commercial fishing and touristic activities are some main industries, thus, the port played a significant role in the town's development over the years. The fishing resources are rich, especially as per sardines, anchovies, and mackerel, exhibited at the market held every week.

All Porto Empedocle hotels, resorts and Airbnbs along with eating places and bars, are located only a few meters from the harbor.

Transportation options in Porto Empedocle

In order to reach the seaport from Porto Empedocle town, you can take advantage of the following:


A very convenient way to get around. Please, call +39 3383 605 262 or grab a cab from the road.


There is a rail link between Porto Empedocle to the central station of Agrigento.


There is also a bus connection from Porto Empedocle to Agrigento.

For more information about the means of transport, ask your landlord or the local tourist information.

Highlights in Porto Empedocle

In Porto Empedocle you can visit outstanding monuments as listed below:

  • The beautiful Carlo V Tower, located in the harbor, built in the 15th century, was used to protect the town from attacks of the pirates and played a significant role for the defense of the marine area. Later it was used as a prison. Inside there is the hall of Arms and an exhibition of the sculptor Giuseppe Agnello
  • In the heart of the historic center stands the Chiesa Madre or “MotherChurch”, built in the early 20th century. The Art Nouveau style is easily recognized from its facade and the interior is beautifully decorated
  • Scali dei Turchi or “Turkish Stairs”, named after the period when the pirates attacked the Strait of Sicily, is a must-see attraction of Agrizhento. You can admire the white rocks coming out of the sea
  • Via Roma is the main street in Porto Empedocle and you can see the statues of Luigi Pirandello and Inspector Montalbano, the hero of the writer Andrea Camilleri
  • The Valley of the Temples is an archaeological site in Agrigento, one of the main attractions in Sicily, a real example of “Magna Graecia”

Porto Empedocle beaches

  • Marinella Beach is ideal for those who want to take a swim close to the port and the center of the town. With a lot of facilities you can enjoy the sea and sun and is the best option as you can go on foot. Parking places are available
  • Caos Beach is very popular to the locals as well as the tourists due to the wonderful landscape, the length and the fine golden sand. The beach extends up to Punta Akragas and Spiaggia Bianca
  • Lido Azzurro is an organized sand beach with all the necessary facilities, if you want to spend a day full of sea and sun. Hotels, restaurants and bars are nearby. Various beach clubs welcome you to have fun from the morning till the evening
  • La Spiaggetta or else the “little beach” is found near the ferry port with clear waters and fine sand
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