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Ferry to Patmos - Greece, Dodecanese, Patmos, Saint John church in the Skala village.
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Hop on a ferry to Patmos and visit the worldwide known sacred island, also known as the island of the apocalypse and one of the most beautiful Greek islands!

Patmos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, one of the northernmost islands of the dodecanese complex and one of the smallest inhabited islands of the Aegean. It’s an island with stunning beaches, turquoise waters, secret coves, picturesque villages, rocks with curious shapes and a spiritual character that hosts many religious festivals and feasts.

It is believed that the island’s original name was Letois after the goddess and huntress of deer, Artemis, daughter of Leto as it is believed that Patmos was created thanks to her divine intervention.

According to the tradition, Patmos, also known as the “Jerusalem of the Aegean” is the island where Saint John the Theologian was exiled by the Emperor Dominitian to become a hermit and then to write the sacred book of Revelation inside a cave (the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse) in 95 AD when he heard the voice of God talking to him.

Patmos is one of the most important religious destinations without lacking the cosmopolitan air of the Aegean islands or the cultural tradition. For years the island has been a regular and famous destination for artists, intellectuals and famous visitors from all over the world who seek a journey of upliftment, greatness and inner peace. The coastline of the island creates unique bays, beaches and caves that make Patmos an ideal destination for tranquility, mysticism and leisure.

The aura of the island has been a source of inspiration not only for the Nobel laureates Greek poets Elytis and Seferis but also for the German lyric poet Friedrich Hoelderin who was mesmerized by the unique beauty of the island.

Book your ferry tickets to Patmos in advance and discover an Unesco World Heritage Island.

Athens to Patmos ferry

Designated as Holy Island by the Greek Parliament in 1981, the island hosts a wide variety of events, traditional, artistic and religious and is a popular destination for the Orthodox and those who want to spend some relaxing moments. The only way to reach the island is by ferry. Ferries to Patmos depart from the main port of Athens, Piraeus, all year round.

  • Piraeus to Patmos: The port of Piraeus is located also in the southeast of Greece and is Europe’s biggest passenger port and Athens’ gateway to the islands of the Aegean (approximately 50 km away from the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos). Ferries depart to Patmos about 4 times a week. The trip is quite long as the duration of the sailing is around 8-9 hours and the route is served by a conventional ferry

Patmos ferry port

The ferry port of Patmos is in the village of Skala on the east coast of the island, approximately 5km from Chora. The village is built around the port and is considered the commercial , maritime and tourist center of the island. Around the port there are many taverns, restaurants, shops, coffee shops, bars and many hotels and studios. In the northern part of the port there is also a marina for docking yachts and sailing boats..

Tansportation in Patmos


There is a regular bus connection from Skala to Chora, Grikos and Kambos. The frequency of the routes depends on the seasonality. For more information, please visit Patmos Bus.


There is a taxi stand at the port just across the police department and they offer an easy and fast transfer to your destination. To schedule a taxi transfer, please call +30 22470 31225.

Sights and attractions of Patmos

Patmos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Dodecanese and a popular tourist destination with pilgrims coming from all over the world to visit the Monastery of Saint John and the Cave of Apocalypse. However the island is so much more than just a pilgrimage location. Patmos is a popular destination for quality holidays and an ideal place for nature lovers thanks to its coastline, sheer cliffs and volcanic soil and the many old hiking trails across the island that lead to tiny chapels, small settlements and hilltops with amazing views of the Aegean sea.

Get ready to discover Patmos and let us help you organize your to-do list.

  • Visit the Monastery of Saint John, located on top of a hill above Chora. The monastery is an important center of worship with a significant religious history and imposing architecture
  • Visit the archeological site of Kastelli where ruins of the ancient acropolis and foundations of the Temple of Apollo are saved
  • Admire the three windmills of Chora, on the top of the hill with breathtaking views, built in the east of the Holy Monastery
  • Visit the cave of the Apocalypse, a world heritage site by Unesco and a place of amazing architectural interest. Saint John lived in this cave during his exile and it became the centre of his revelation and the creation of the Book of the Apocalypse or Revelation, the last book of the Bible
  • Climb up the huge rock of Kalikatsou, a significant archaeological site that looks like a sculpture in the sea and according to the researchers once a temple of the goddess Aphorite
  • Take a walk through the imposing buildings with gothic and neoclassical features in Chora and the narrow alleys
  • Visit the Nikolaides Mansion where you will find a representation of a traditional home in Patmos and many archaeological discoveries
  • Find the Italian building in Skala, which is a typical Italian architectural monument of the era of the Italian occupation in the Dodecanese

Beaches in Patmos

The coastline of Patmos offers an impressive variety of bays, capes, coves and coasts. The most organized beaches are Skala, Agriolivado and Livadi Geranou but even the more secluded unorganized beaches will satisfy every taste with their clystar clear blue green waters and the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Please find below a list with the best rated beaches of the island:

  • Skala Beach: located 4km north of Chora. The most popular beach of the island with many tourist facilities. A small sandy beach, next to the port but with crystal clear waters
  • Kambos Beach: located 9km north of Chora. The most cosmopolitan sandy and pebbled beach with shallow and clean waters, plenty of trees offering natural shadow and various water sport facilities
  • Geranou Beach: located 13km north of Chora. A long sandy beach with deep turquoise waters. Unorganized but shaded by nearby trees and protected from the strong summer winds
  • Agriolivado Beach: located 8km north of Chora. Warm and shallow waters, organized, ideal for small kids. A great location for water sports
  • Petra Beach: located 4km south of Chora. The most quiet beach of Patmos with large pebbles and deep waters
  • Lambi Beach: located 14km north of Chora. A unique shore with multi-colored pebbles
  • Psili Ammos: located 10km south of Chora. A picturesque beach in a cove with golden sand and sweeping dunes

Hotels & Accommodations

The best location to book an accommodation is the village of Skala, the biggest settlement of the island, as there are many tourist facilities and a bus connection to the other villages. Other hotels and studios are found in Chora, the village Kambos and at organized beaches like Livadi Geranou. You will find a variety of accommodation options like hotels, apartments, villas, studios and airbnb houses.

Please find below some of the best rated hotels and accommodation in Patmos:

  • Petra Hotel & Suites
  • Grikos Hotel
  • Aktis Suites
  • En Patmo Holiday Home
  • Studio Irene
  • Porto Scoutari Romantic Hotel
  • Hotel Asteri
  • Villa Zacharo
  • Anemous Houses

Island hopping from Patmos

Patmos is one of the smallest inhabited islands of the Aegean and belongs to the Regional Unit of Kalymnos. Starting from the port of Patmos there are frequent direct sailings at a relatively low cost to the neighbouring Dodecanese islands:

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