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Ferry to Livorno - A street in the beautiful little village of San Gimignano with a view of the Tuscan valley, Italy, Europe.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Livorno arrive at the capital of Livorno Province and at an important seaport on the west coast of Italy in the Ligurian Sea!

The capital of the Province of Livorno in Italy is the maritime gateway to the Tuscany region of Italy. From Livorno, or Leghorn in English, one can easily reach Tuscany's top tourist destinations including Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Siena. But the city itself has also a lot of attractions to offer. When in Livorno, passengers can see a portion of Livorno's city walls, which used to surround the city, near the port area and Fortezza Nuova (New Fort), a castle dating back to around 1576.

The old fort of Livorno (Fortezza Vecchia di Livorno) is situated near Livorno's picturesque old port and is a must-see for all visitors. This historical fortress dates back to the mid-1500s. A number of churches, museums and Piazzas (public squares) make a visit to the town interesting. Before leaving with ferries from Livorno, tourists should explore the cathedral of the town, commonly called Duomo, dedicated to Francis of Assisi, Mary, mother of Jesus, and Julia of Corsica on the south side of Piazza Grande. The construction of the Cathedral began in 1581.

One of the most famous landmarks in Livorno is a monument located near the port, which dates back to the Renaissance period, and is called "Monumento dei quattro mori" (Monument of the Four Moors). Completed in 1626 to commemorate the victories of Ferdinand I of Tuscany over the Ottomans, it is located in Piazza Micheli. Through the Livorno ferry timetable, visitors can plan and organize their journey to that distinguished part of Italy.

Livorno has a bustling port with many ferry crossings all year long and for that, consider making your ferry booking to Livorno as early as possible so as to insure your holidays.

Livorno ferry connections

Ferry Livorno offers many connections to Corsica of France, to Italy's Sardinia, Barcelona, Palermo and more. More specifically, there are routes towards Bastia in Corsica and Olbia in Sardinia. The vessels which operate for the particular sailings are conventional ones with open decks, variation of seats, snack bars, garages and other amenities on board for the passengers' better experience.

Ferry Bastia Livorno: a relatively short crossing with duration about 4.30 hours

Olbia Livorno ferry: it happens at least twice a day throughout the whole year and with a maximum duration of around 9 hours

Barcelona Livorno ferry: a weekly ferry crossing that lasts about 20 hours so examine the possibility of booking a bed cabin for your journey to be much more comfortable

Livorno port

Livorno port is one of the biggest in the whole Mediterranean and thus, one of the biggest in Italy too. Thousands of passengers use the immense port for their sailings while also huge amounts of cargo are loaded and unloaded as well. The port is divided into two parts, Porto Vecchio and Porto Nuovo. The part which is mostly used for travelers is the industrial part but this always depends on the type of ship you are traveling with and on the harbor's traffic. The port area is not far from the city center but you will surely need to use the transportation means in order to arrive or leave the port. It is also easily accessible from the International Pisa Airport and from the city of Florence.

Please, check below your alternatives:

Pisa International Airport to Livorno Port

Upon arrival at Pisa International Airport "Galileo Galilei", you can get to the Livorno port easily by train, bus, private transfer and taxi. See below your alternatives in further detail.


The Pisa Centrale Train Station is linked with the Livorno Airport. From there, there are train connections directly to Livorno. Have in mind that the train station in Livorno is not very close to the port so you will have to take a taxi to continue. Please, visit the Pisa Airport Train for the timetables.


Take the line 010 bus which runs every 30 minutes and head to Livorno port. Please, check Pisa Airport Bus for the itineraries.


Taxis are always a safe solution. Grab one outside the airport's arrivals terminals and go to the Livorno port with the cost of ca. 50 Euros.

Private Transfer

Booking a private transfer is an alternative choice to reach your destination. Check the Pisa Airport Transfers to organize your transportation.

Livorno City Center to Livorno Port

From the city center of Livorno, you can get to the Livorno port by taking advantage of the following public transportation means:


Take the bus from Stazione Centrale A and in approx. 11 minutes you will be at the Livorno port. More information on the Livorno Bus.


Grab a cab from the city center and reach the port in less than 5 minutes.


From the A12 Genova-Livorno-Rosignano and A11-A12 Firenze-Pisa-Livorno highways: use the "Livorno" exit and by driving the S1, follow the signs “Porto di Livorno” or “Fortezza Vecchia”. Then, head to "Porto", keep on the left lane and drive towards “DARSENA TOSCANA EST - VIALE MOGADISCIO”.

Florence to Livorno

Florence is one of the biggest cities in Italy and a very busy center. The closest port in Florence is the one in Livorno and those who want to start sailing for their summer vacation can reach the port of Livorno with the following means of transport:


The trains start from Santa Maria Novella Train Station in the center of the city and pass through Pisa before arriving in Livorno. Please, visit Florence to Livorno Trains for more information.

Shuttle Bus

Use the shuttle bus from Piazza Montelungo and arrive in Livorno's port in about 1.30 hour. Detailed information in Florence to Livorno Bus.

What to do in Livorno

The capital of the Province of Livorno and the city with the 3rd largest port in the entire Italy, Livorno is definitely a worth visiting destination. It is an ancient city with a rich background and nowadays, there are plenty of remains to admire. Except for the landmarks though, Livorno owns a beautiful coastline with romantic promenades and a city center full of hotels, restaurants, bars and boutiques. Some of the many things you can do to spend your time in Livorno are:

  • Explore Fortezza Nuova, Nuova Venezia and take memorable pictures
  • Walk along Via Italia, the coast and the port
  • Watch the sunset or the stars at night from Terrazza Mascagni
  • Go for shopping in Mercato Centrale
  • Swim or sunbathe at the beaches in Scogli Piatti and Costiera di Calafuria
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