Ferry to Marettimo

Passengers who arrive by ferry to Marettimo are disembarked on a rocky island with unspoiled nature and many caves with exceptionally clean waters!

Visitors who arrive in Marettimo with the use of ferries are debarking on the least developed of the main three Aegadian Islands (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo). This means that there are not many options of accommodation or restaurants and also that there are almost no roads crossing it so cars are few to none too. This makes it the perfect place to go hiking or walking and explore its qualifications. Going through the unspoiled nature and amazing scenery you can reach the crystal clear waters and enjoy a swim on sunbathing. Forget about sandy beaches though and imagine rocky caves in combination with blue waters and colorful flora.

In order to explore the island to its full potential, it is highly advisable to take a tour by boat with the companies that arrange them on the island. There is only one little town with a graphical port and a colorful scenery of houses and boats and is inhabited by few people during the whole season and it is the heart of the island. Except for the many beaches and walks you can do around the island, there is also an interesting site worth visiting and it is the Castle of Punta Troia, build back in the time by the Saracens, located in the northernmost point on the island and almost an hour of walking from the port. From there you can take photos and enjoy the natural colors along with the sunset.

Marettimo, once called the Holy Island, holds the population of approx. 690 inhabitants, is the second biggest of the Egadi Islands and covers an area of around 12 square kilometers. Ferry routes Marettimo occur from and to Marsala especially in high season months.

It is highly recommended that you book your ferry tickets to Marettimo in advance so as to secure them!

Marettimo Port

Marettimo port is on the eastern coast of the island and is facing Levanzo and Favignana. The little harbour is part of the one and only settlement called Marettimo as well and is composed of the fishing boat pier and the pier for hydrofoils. Around the port, you can find all the necessities such as groceries and fruit, shops, snack bars, restaurants and Airbnb apartments or hotels. There are no public transportation services or taxis in Marettimo but you can ask the locals for available boat tours. 

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