Ferry from Nice to Porto Vecchio

Ferry to Porto Vecchio - Coloful old door.

Board on the ferry from Nice and to Porto Vecchio, located south of Corsica, an attractive old town built around a historic port in a natural harbor!

Porto Vecchio is considered one of the most beautiful destinations for an exceptional summer holiday due to its amazing and interesting surroundings. With origins back to Roman times, Porto Vecchio is a relatively new settlement as the town became more vibrant and liveable after the reign of Napoleon III.
Also known as the St. Tropez of Corsica, Porto Vecchio features a unique combination of old and new with its attractive fortified old town, full of charming old buildings, a maze of narrow paved streets, chic bars and restaurants and the modern marina with spectacular views of the archipelago of Cerbicale.
Within a walking distance of the old town the marina of Porto Vecchio is lined with cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the corsican music and the local atmosphere. In addition to the mountainous landscape the town has a lot of beautiful beaches ideal for sunbathing, swimming or even water sports.

Plan your trip to Porto Vecchio, check the schedules and prices through our platform and book your ferry tickets in advance in order to find the best option for you.

Nice to Porto Vecchio ferry schedule 

The city of Porto Vecchios is a really popular destination in Corsica. At the moment there is only one ferry operator serving this connection with a conventional ferry suitable for cars, campers and motorbikes. As for the accommodation types there are quite a few options, suitable for singles, couples and families. There is only 1 route per week available from Nice to Porto Vecchio.

The ferry port of Porto Vecchio connects Corsica with France and Sardinia and as Porto Vecchio itself is a holiday destination the village and the port features a variety of hotels, shops, restaurants and big supermarkets.

Ferry distance between Nice and Porto Vecchio 

The port of Nice is located approximately 155 miles away from the port of Porto Vecchio (612 km)

Nice to Porto Vecchio ferry duration 

The ferry crossing time from the port of Nice to Porto Vecchio is approximately 12 hours and 30 minutes.

Useful tips for your trip from Nice to Porto Vecchio 

  • Visit our pages dedicated to Nice and Porto Vecchio and learn more about ferry connections and means of transport
  • For a more comfortable trip we recommend you book a cabin
  • Check on our website for special offers
  • Arrive at the port of Nice at least one hour before the scheduled departure for check in and embarkation
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