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Ferry to Porto Vecchio - Coloful old door.
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Board on the ferry to Porto Vecchio and reach the town in the Department of Corse-du-Sud of France on the island of Corsica, the island of beauty and contrast!

Porto Vecchio is an attractive old town perched on top of a dramatic hill overlooking a natural harbor and a deep bay. Beyond the town lies some of Corsica's most spectacular scenery. Porto Vecchio, as we see it today, was developed around the famous 16th century citadel, perched atop a granite cliff; and the bastion's restaurants offer great views from this ancient vantage point. The old town centre, a maze of narrow streets, has retained its charm and still has the atmosphere of the fortress town it once was.

The old town center of Porto Vecchio is one of the most popular in Corsica, thanks to its characteristic maze of streets, its squares, its restaurants, bars and boutiques, its street market, its charming atmosphere and its views. For students of history and architecture, there are some interesting sights to visit, such as the Bastion of France (there are actually five bastions, but three are private and one is in ruins), the Place de la République (once the Roman heart of the city), the Porte Genoise (the original gateway to the city) and the 16th century citadel.

Wander through the ancient streets of Old Porto Vecchio, the Borgo, where you can see the huge twisted tree of the Place de la République, the 19th-century St-Jean Baptiste church and the gallery housed inside the Bastion di A Funtana Vechju, which still has the hole made by Sabiero Corso when he captured the city in 1564. The old walled Genoese city still seduces visitors with its picturesque narrow streets and the simplicity of its tall stone houses set within the ramparts of the Acropolis. If you're lucky enough, during your stay you'll be able to hear some of the polyphonic songs for which this part of the island is famous - keep an ear out for those low, dramatic harmonies as you stroll through the Acropolis one evening.

Today Porto Vecchio is a lively hub for shopping, cafes and browsing menus and is one of Corsica's most fashionable towns. Below the town, Porto Vecchio boasts one of Europe's most distinguished harbors, where boats rocking from their moorings fight it out with sunny holidaymakers strolling along the marina or sipping aperitifs in the shade of the pavement cafes.

Book your ferry tickets to Porto Vecchio in advance and feel the allurement of Corsica!

Ferry connections to Porto Vecchio

There are ferry connections to Porto Vecchio from Livorno, Nice, Toulon, Porto Torres and Golfo Aranci.

Below are some of the most popular itineraries from / to the port of Porto Vecchio:

From Porto Vecchio to Livorno: The route is operated up to once a week with a sailing time of approximately 10 hours

From Porto Vecchio to Toulon: There are 4 ferry crossings per week with a trip duration of about 11.5 hrs

Porto Vecchio to Porto Torres: The route is operated up to once a week with a sailing time of approximately 4.5 hours

Porto Vecchio to Nice: The route is operated up to once a week with a sailing time of approximately 11 hours

Porto Vecchio to Golfo Aranci: There are 2 ferry crossings per week with a trip duration of about 2.5 hrs

Porto Vecchio ferry port

The port of Porto Vecchio, also called "Salt City", is located on the east coast of the French island of Corsica.
It is divided into two areas: one for private boats, small ships and yachts, and one dedicated to ferry traffic only.
It receives around 3,000 ship passengers each year, playing a fundamental role in the city's economy. The port area is very close to the city centre and offers many services, such as restaurants, cafes, shops, grocery stores, pharmacies.
Finally, the port connects the island of Corsica with Italy and mainland France. There is also a direct route between Porto Vecchio and the island of Sardinia.

Getting Around Porto Vecchio

Getting around Porto Vecchio is effortless since there are plenty of bus routes which serve all the points of interest in town. You can find all the relative information in Porto Vecchio Buses. Otherwise, booking a taxi is always a good alternative. Grab one from the street or visit Porto Vecchio Taxis.

Note that, the port is relatively close to the city center where most accommodations and shops are located, so, if you are not carrying heavy luggage, you can always go on foot.

Holidays in Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio in Corsica is known as the "Saint-Tropez" of Corsica and has become a popular tourist spot (especially popular with Italians), where visitors will be able to relax or to party all night. You can escape the summer crowds, in a remote Cove or along a mountain trail, and enjoy the peace and quiet in this lovely landscape and varied. One of the many attractions of the old port is its proximity to the high rock mountainous region of Corsica. Just a short drive away, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast. There are opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, fishing, horse riding, quad bike excursions, picnic on the river or swim in the crystal clear water.

Things to Do in Porto Vecchio

During your holidays in Porto-Vecchio, you’ll certainly spend a lot of time at the beach. But did you know that you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities in Southern Corsica? Such as:

  • Kayaking or Windsurfing at Pinarellu beach
  • A sailing introduction with a trimaran
  • Tree Climbing, near the Cavu river
  • Canyoning in Porto-Vecchio’s surroundings. You’ll have the choice between the Pulishellu canyon, ideal for beginners, or Purcaraccia or Vacca canyons if you’re more experienced
  • Downhill mountain biking: there are 30 tracks in Zonza and the Aiguilles de Bavella, 40 km from Porto-Vecchio.
  • Hiking: you can opt for a guided day walk to discover the Coscione Plateau or the “Pozzines”
  • A helicopter flight to admire Corsica from the sky!
  • Quad biking in the Ospedale forest
  • A 4WD excursion to discover Alta Rocca’s typical villages
  • A 1 hour boat-trip with underwater vision starting from the beach of Pinarellu
  • Horse riding
  • Seabob, an electric vehicle going at more than 20 km/h above or under the surface
  • Diving in the Cerbicale Islands Nature Reserve, facing Palombaggia beach

Porto Vecchio’s popularity is also due to the beauty and interest of its surroundings. which feature some of Corsica’s most idyllic beaches (Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, Cala Rossa and Pinarello), the forested hills of Ospedale just inland, and the archipelago of Cerbicale, four islets whose unspoilt transparent waters and wooded interiors form part of a nature reserve.

Beaches in Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is superbly located right in the centre of Corsica's most spectacular coastline, with beaches that easily rival any other in the Mediterranean in terms of natural, unspoilt beauty. Such is the choice that the coast around Porto-Vecchio can offer a different beach or cove to explore every day of your holiday. Having avoided mass tourism, and with good planning regulations and designated natural shelters, all the beaches exude an immaculate charm.

Dazzling deep blue seas and soft white powdery sand are framed by lush green countryside and mountains. There is not a single tall building in sight!
Porto-Vecchio's beaches are mostly child-friendly, with shallow, warm waters, although only the most popular ones have lifeguards. For the active, many offer water sports lessons and equipment hire. There are also good restaurants and bars in most, with only the smaller coves lacking facilities.
Two of Corsica's most famous beaches, Palombaggia and Santa Guilia, are located just south of Porto-Vecchio. As with all popular resorts, it's best to avoid them in July and August, when tourists flood the area.

Some of the best beaches are the following:

  • Santa Giulia
  • Palombaggia
  • Folacca beach
  • Cala Rossa
  • San Ciprianu
  • Fautéa Beach
  • Tarco Beach
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