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Ferry to Otranto - Square on the adriatic sea in otranto city tip to the easternmost tip of Italy, Puglia, South East Italy.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Otranto enjoy a pleasant journey to a beautiful small town of Italy on the east coast of Salento in the province of Lecce!

The strait of Otranto Italy, connects the Adriatic Sea with the Ionian Sea and the city is one of the prettiest in Puglia with a great historical and tourist interest.

Otranto is built on the ruins of the Greek ancient city of “Hyduntum'' in Latin and considered by the Romans more important than Brindisi as it was the closest port to the Eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Ruled by the Romans, the Byzantines and the Normans the city faces the Turkish invasion, the massacre of the male inhabitants and the slavery of young children and women in 1480. After a period of 13 months that lasted the control of the city, the Turks abandoned Otranto to return back with no success in 1537.

During the following century, Otranto suffered from invitations by the Saracens and it was not until the 18th century that the city began to recover and have a small development that continued during the Napoleon period.

Today the city has become a great tourist destination not only for the beaches resorts but also for the important monuments and buildings that show the whole history between the centuries.

If you like to visit this wonderful town and book a ferry from the Greek islands visit our website and make your reservation in advance.


Otranto Ferry Routes

Otranto ferry routes start from the Greek ports of Corfu and Paxi. The sailing duration from Corfu is 2 hours and 50 minutes and to Paxos it lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes

The trips are seasonal from the end of June until the beginning of September and are operated with modern and comfortable hydrofoils. Before traveling check the luggage allowance on the ferry.


Otranto ferry port

Otranto ferry port is located in a small bay at a distance of 1,5 km from the city center which is still enclosed within the defensive walls. Visitors can really feel the atmosphere of the past and learn the history of this beautiful place. Restaurants, bars, souvenir shops are all around and if you follow the way to the sea you can enjoy a dinner admiring the view of the city's ferry port from above. Take a stroll down the port and please yourself with a drink gazing at the open sea. The atmosphere out of the old town is different but at the same time appealing.

Otranto city center to Otranto port

The distance between Otranto city Center and Otranto Port is so close that it can be covered on foot. In case you need a bus or a taxi, ask your landlord or the tourist information office for more details. As an additional information please note that during the summer period there are seasonal buses Salento in treno e bus that connect the most popular places of Otranto.

For more information you can visit the tourist office in Piazza Castello.

Brindisi Airport to Otranto ferry port

The closest airport to Otranto ferry port is Brindisi Airport. The trip from Brindisi takes a little more than an hour and you can rent a car or a minivan or take the bus / trains available to Otranto through Lecce.

Book a private transfer by clicking here.

Highlights in Otranto

  • The Cathedral which was built originally in the Romanesque style but reconstructed after the Turks invasion happened in 1480 when a large number of people were killed. Inside there is a mosaic pavement of the 12th century. In the Cathedral are preserved relics of the Martyrs, killed by the Turks as they refused to convert to Islam
  • Porta Alfonsina was built after the liberation of the city during the 15th century with a purpose to protect the city from enemy attacks. The statue standing towards the sea is a memorial of the 800 “Martyrs of Otranto"
  • The Church of Saint Peter is from the Byzantine era with very interesting frescoes and a Greek cross. It is probably the first Basilica of the city
  • Castello di Otranto dominates the easternmost city in Italy. You can start your visit from the Aragonese Castle with the three towers and pass through the Cathedral to explore the city center. Nowadays it hosts temporary exhibitions and it inspired Horace Walpole to white the novel “Τhe Castle of Otranto” published in 1764, considered as the first Gothic novel

Otranto beaches

The town also has many beautiful beaches to offer so don’t forget to pay them a visit before taking a ferry from Otranto. Some of them used to be crowded especially during the summer months. If you have a car you can move a little bit out of the center and visit the north part of the city where you can find longer and popular beaches.

  • The famous beach of Baia Dei Turchi is situated in the north part of Otranto, in the province of Lecce and can be reached by car or local buses during the summertime. Its name was given because this is the place where in 1480 the Turks arrived and attacked the city. The waters are crystal clear and you can choose between the free space and the possibility to rent an umbrella and deckchairs
  • Alimini Beach is a must during your Otranto holidays at a distance of 7km on the north. It is a sandy beach about 3km long with free spaces and fully equipped parts with bars and all kinds of facilities. During the peak season social and sport events are organized, so the beach is often crowded from the morning hours until the evening
  • One can also visit the rocky cove of Porto Badisco which is a natural bay with swallow waters, 12km south of Otranto. Visit the beach restaurant with the seafood specialties or if you like snorkeling this is a good chance to explore the sea bottom
  • At a distance of 8 km south of Otranto, there is Punta Palascia, widely known as Capo di Otranto, a lighthouse on the spot where Ionian and Adriatic Sea meet. If you like trekking, it is a good idea to reach the place from the port of Otranto

Otranto hotels

Otranto accommodation options are multiple and you can choose between resorts, hotels and apartments of different categories and prices.
Some of the most visited are the following:

  • Resort Muzza 
  • Hotel Palazzo de Mori 
  • Koine 
  • Hotel Corte di Nettuno resort 

Excursions from Otranto

During your stay in Otranto you can visit the following interesting places:

  • Lecce which is situated at a distance of 50km that can be covered by car, bus or train. It is a historic city worth visiting with a lot of archeological interest of a strong Baroque style in many buildings.
  • Gallipoli means “Beautiful City” and it is exactly like its name. The old and new town show a lot of Puglia’s treasures. Do not miss to visit.
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