Ferry to Ponza

Passengers traveling by ferry to Ponza arrive in the largest island of the Italian Pontine Islands Archipelago located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, west of Naples!

The island Ponza according to a legend is the mythical island of Aeaea which was the home of the sorceress Circe from Homer’s Odyssey. It is also known for its celebrity hosting every summer. There is a relaxed and very beachy vibe in the island with just enough glamour to make it interesting. There are at least fifteen coves and two main beaches with crystal clear and in shades of blues and greens you would like to dive in. Those who stay in Ponza can enjoy incredibly delicious creations. The products they use in their kitchen are Fresh seafood, milky mozzarella, briney olives and wild herbs. You can enjoy a wonderful pizza, a simple tuna sandwich on the beach to an elegant dinner overlooking the port.

Visitors in Ponza must visit Ventotene which is another inhabited island which is an hour’s ferry ride away. You can take a cruise and explore the gorgeous coves off the nearby islands of Palmarola and Gavi, or trek on the nature reserve on Zannone. At Ponza the water is so clear and deep that's why an amazing destination is for the diving enthusiasts. You can also rent diving equipment and with the specialists at Ponza Diving to make explorations. Τhere is plenty underwater to explore, from shipwrecks to rock formations teaming with colorful sea creatures. If you want to leave the beach you can head to the wild hills for hiking and see where the island grows its wine by taking the Fieno trail.

Ponza also has a few full service beach clubs with Italian style where you can rent chairs and umbrellas and have services like bathrooms, changing rooms, bars and restaurants. At the port of Pozna you can find boutiques selling French bikinis and swim trunks, locally designed T-shirts and beach bags, ceramics, jewelry and local food products.

Ponza Port

The graphical Ponza port is located in the island's eastern side, in the main settlement. By the time you start reaching it, you will witness many fishing boats anchored, the colorful buildings and the beautiful promenade full of snack bars and cafeterias. In the area around, there are many hotels and apartments for all budgets while the town center is relatively close. 

Get information below on how to approach Ponza center after debarking at the port:


A bus service run throughout the entire island. You can check the itineraries in Ponza Buses.


Taxis are always a more convenient choice but also a little more expensive. Book a taxi from Ponza Taxis.

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