Ferry to Poros in Kefalonia

Ferry to Poros (Kefalonia) - Famous melissani lake on Kefalonia island, Greece.
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Book a ferry to Poros, a village in the exotic island of Kefalonia of the Ionian group, which has many visitors allured with its beauty and its scenic beaches!

The village of Poros is located about 40km south of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. The settlement is divided into 3 parts. The first part is the port of Poros that connects the island with the mainland of Greece with frequent routes all year round. Just next to a small hillock visitors will find the second part of Poros, the main town where the most tourist facilities and services are located such as local shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, a bank and a pharmacy. The third part of Poros is the beach of Aragi which gets awarded every year for its crystal clear waters.

The beach and the main town of Poros are separated by the river Vohinas that according to the locals gave Poros its name. The word Poros in Greek means crossing or ford as the point that the river enters the sea is the only crossing point.

Poros is an attractive coastal village built at the foot of the mountains Pagni and Atros, of about 1100 inhabitants and as Poros is a working port is ideal for those that are looking for a more authentic, traditional Greek lifestyle and for independent travelers. The sea in Poros with its blue transparent waters offers a magical sight and the caves around the area are one of the last shelters for the endangered Mediterranean Monk seal (Monachus Monachus)and the turtle Caretta- Caretta.

Book your ferry tickets to Poros in Kefalonia in advance and enjoy your stay in this village that is covered by thick green Mediterranean vegetation, natural springs and beautiful natural landscapes.

Getting to Poros (Kefalonia) by ferry

Poros is the biggest district of the municipality of Elios-Proni. The only way to reach Poros from the mainland is from the port of Killini in the western Peloponnese, that connects the mainland also with the popular island of Zakynthos. The distance between the capital of Greece, Athens and Kylini is approximately 280km. There are more than 3 ferry routes from Kylini available per day, depending on the seasonality. The route is currently provided only by one ferry operator and a conventional ferry that offers a garage and the duration of the sailing is 1hour and 30 minutes.

Poros (Kefalonia) ferry port

The beautiful and picturesque port of Poros that was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1953, is approximately 45km from the capital of the island and 24km from Sami. It is one of the major ports of Kefalonia and it links the island with the mainland and is surrounded by the villages Asprogerakas, Riza and Tzanata. The tourist development of the port is exponential with many tourist facilities like taverns, restaurants, cafes and hotels around the port and the entire region.

Transportation Options in Poros


There is a public bus transfer service with daily connections to and from Poros port (Kefalonia). For more information, please visit Poros (Kefalonia) Bus or call +30 26710 22281.


In order to schedule a taxi transfer, please visit Poros (Kefalonia) Taxis or call +30 695 885 0270, +30 694 558 1792, +30 698 436 6800, +30 693 622 9308, +30 697 471 7262, +30 697 320 9467.

Holidays in Poros, Kefalonia

Kefalonia is located in the middle of the Ionian Sea and is one of the most green islands in Greece. The combination of the crystal clear and transparent waters with a variety of colors and the lush and dense vegetation makes Poros one of the most ideal destinations as every corner of the island is ready to welcome its visitors and indulge their wishes. Poros is a village that combines tourist facilities with natural beauty while remaining unspoiled and untouched by mass tourism waiting for travelers to enjoy relaxed holidays.

Things to do & see in Poros (Kefalonia)

Visit the Monastery of Atrou in the mountains just behind the village, at 550 meters above sea level. It is the oldest monastery of the island dating from 1264. Since the monastery has been destroyed and rebuilt several times only the medieval tower and the courtyard at the entrance remain to be visited.

  • Find the Drakaina Cave on the steep slopes of Poros that was once used as a shrine dedicated to the Nymphs and the God Pan
  • Take a walk towards the river Vohynas that passes through the gorge of Poros and according to mythology, is connected to the presence of the demigod Hercules or to the presence of a dragon
  • Visit the beehive tomb, also known as tholos, in nearby Tzanata that points out that the area around Poros was inhabited during the Mycenaean period
  • Poros is an ideal starting point for island hopping to the neighboring islands of Zakynthos and Ithaca
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of Ithaca while having lunch in one of the taverns around the picturesque port of Poros

Beaches in Poros

Poros, besides being one of the busiest ports in Kefalonia, has also one of the most beautiful beaches with calm,crystal clear and shallow waters. The beach is covered with white pebbles and it is really popular for the picturesque settlement that lies around the beach. Poros beach is well organized and easily accessible which makes it ideal for families with children. In a walking distance from the beach there are also quite a few shops and restaurants.

Just beside the beach of Poros, there is also Aragia, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, awarded with the Blue Flag. There are plenty of sunshades and sun beds and the water is calm and shallow with a clear blue color.

Hotels in Poros

As Poros has become one of the main tourist destinations in Kefalonia there are plenty of accomodation options around the area. If you wish to avoid crowds and experience an authentic Greek lifestyle Poros is the best place for travelers to spend their holidays.

Please find below some of the best rated hotels and accommodation:

  • Astir Rooms
  • Riviera Hotel 
  • Oceanis Hotel 
  • Odysseus Palace Hotel 
  • Poros House Hotel 
  • Petros Studios 
  • Akrogiali Studios 
  • Louisa Apartments 
  • Travlos Studios 
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