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Ferry to Pythagorio (Samos) - Street photos from my holiday in Samos.
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Take a ferry to Pythagorio and relax for a few days in the most picturesque village of the island of Samos, the southernmost island of the Aegean sea!

Pythagorio took its name after the famous Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. It’s located 11 kilometers away from the island’s capital Vathy and the actual town was built amphitheatrical on the ruins of the ancient city of Samos. It is also known as Tigani, from the Italian word dogana that means customs but it was renamed in 1955.

The historical town of Pythagorio has become a major tourist resort and the port of the village that was constructed during the the reign of the tyrant Polycrates is the oldest port, manmade, of the Mediterranean. During the reign of the tyrant the island became a powerful nautical state that led to wealth and prosperity. The entire island of Samos was once the center of the Ioanian civilization, a center of trade in the Aegean and a major naval force in antiquity.

The pretty village will amaze you with its characteristic coloured houses, the narrow alleys and the little shops with local products. Around the port visitors will find many restaurants, taverns and cafes that create a charming atmosphere and make Pythagorion an ideal place to spend your holidays if you are seeking for relaxation and a laid back rhythm combined with crystalline waters and secluded beaches.

Book in advance your ferry tickets to Pythagorio and visit this lovely and beautiful village of Samos, a must visit destination for people who need some relaxation, peace and quiet.

Reaching Pythagorio by ferry

The island of Samos and the village of Pythagorio can be easily reached either from the mainland or some other islands of the Aegean including Leros, Patmos, Kalymnos and Lipsi.
You can reach the beautiful village of Pythagorio approximately within a 10-hour trip from the main port of Athens, Piraeus but depending on the port of arrival, sailing durations and frequency may vary from season to season.

  • Piraeus to Samos: served by conventional ferries. Sailing duration: 9-10 hours
  • Kalymnos to Pythagorio: served by conventional ferries. Sailing duration: 7 hours
  • Patmos to Pythagorio: served by conventional ferries. Sailing duration: 3.5 hours
  • Leros to Pythagorio: served by conventional ferries. Sailing duration: 6 hours
  • Lipsi to Pythagorio: served by conventional ferries. Sailing duration: 4.5 hours

Pythagorio ferry port

The port of Pythagorio is located on the southeast part of the island of Samos, a short distance from the beautiful village of Pythagorio. From Pythagorio ferry port there are many departures available all year round to many nearby islands. The port is in a small natural bay with fishing boats, surrounded by picturesque colored houses which are amphitheatrical built. Around the port there are a few shops, taverns and cafes.

Public Transportation


There is a public bus connection (KTEL) connecting the village with the other settlements of the island.

For more information and timetables please contact +30 2273 0276262.


For an easier but less affordable transfer, there is a taxi station on the main street of the village just around the waterfront of the port.

To book a taxi please call +30 2273 061440.

Pythagorio Airport to Pythagorion port 

The airport of Samos International Airport “Aristarchos” is located about 4km away from the village of Pythagoreion. It receives flights from the mainland( Athens and Thessaloniki) and the islands of Rhodes, Chios and Mytilene throughout the year.

For your transfer to the port or the village you can use public transport or a taxi for a faster and easier ride.


There is a local bus service providing a connection between the airport and Pythagorio in front of the terminal building.

For more information, please contact: +30 22730-27262 / 27270 or visit Samos buses.


Taxis at Samos airport are available during the opening hours of the airport. The distance of the ride to the city of Samos is approximately 25-30 minutes and the fare is 25-30 € (there might be an extra charge if you carry many pieces of luggage). There is a taxi stand in front of the terminal building.

Holidays in Pythagorio

Sights & attractions of Pythagorio

The island is lively all year round as it has a military base so most of the facilities operate during winter as well, so you don't have to visit it only during the summer season. As Pythagorio is rich in history the village offers many things to do and see. Either you want to spend a few days in Pythagorion or if you want to visit the village as a day trip let us organize your to do list.

Take a walk through the narrow, picturesque Blue street which is colored by the locals in blue and white and admire the traditional old house with its red tiled roofs.

Visit the Eupalinos Tunnel, one of the most important achievements of antiquity in terms of engineering that was used as a refuge by the Samians against pirate invasions even though it was built as an aqueduct in order to supply fresh water from Agiades spring the city of Pythagorion.

The Ancient Theater, a World Heritage Monument by Unesco is definitely worth a visit. During the summer months the theater hosts many festivals so if you visit the island during summer don’t miss the opportunity to see one.

Enjoy the view of the sea from the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani. The small church, dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin Mary was built inside a large cave, once a place of worship and it has an icon that is believed to be miraculous.

If you are a morning person, visit the small port early in the morning and you will see the fishing boats and the local fishermen arriving with their catch.

Visit the Castle of Lykourgos Logothetis that was constructed in the 19th century with the remains of archaeological monuments of the area. The castle had military purposes and was used as a defense base during the Greek revolution.

Book a tour in the Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion that houses marble statues, coins, jewels and remains of temples that were found during excavations in the old town.

Visit the nearby towns of Ireo and Koumaradei or take a boat trip to the island of Samiopoula.

Hotels & accommodations

As during the last couple of years the small village of Pythagorio has become a popular tourist destination it has developed many tourist facilities. There is an accommodation option for every taste and every need: from studios, apartments and airbnbs to luxurious hotels and seaside resorts.

A list of the best rated hotels:

  • Doryssa Seaside
  • Remezzo Hotel
  • Hotel Belvedere
  • Proteas Blu
  • Fito Aqua Bleu
  • Astra Village
  • Anna Studios

Pythagorio beaches 

There are only three small beaches in Pythagorion, located on each side of the port and in the center of the village. All of them have crystal clear water, great for swimming and ideal for families with children.

The first one is called Tarsanas Beach. It's an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas and is covered by white large pebbles.
The second beach is Remataki Beach, located at the far left of the village. The beach is covered with sand and small pebbles and is also organized.
The third one, Pythagorion Beach, lies just in front of the settlement. It's a sandy, fully organized beach and a part of the beach has a blue flag. Around the beach visitors can find many restaurants and taverns.

Island Hopping from Pythagorio

The location of the village of Pythagorio, in Samos, makes it ideal for those that would like to take advantage of this opportunity and visit nearby islands of the Dodecanese Complex or even Turkey. Take a ferry from Pythagorio and don’t miss the chance to visit:

  • Kos
  • Leros
  • Rodos
  • Patmos
  • Lipsi
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