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Passengers traveling by ferry to Rinella have the opportunity to explore the area by boat trips and hikes and the famous wine that is produced on the island!

Rinella, located in the island of Salina, one of the Italian Aeolian Islands, is a small but at the same time picturesque place with colorful houses. Traveling to the destination Rinella in mid-September, when the summer crowds used to leave, visitors can feel like they have the island to themselves. The Aeolian Islands were listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Sight for providing an extraordinary record of volcanic island-building and destruction, and ongoing volcanic phenomena.

Rinella, situated in a valley which leads directly to the sea, is the second port of Salina in the south west part of the island in Leni municipality. Here is the only sandy beach on the whole island, where there is the slipway for fishing boats, such as for boaters and professional fishermen. Close to the beach there are caves carved into the rock, used in the past as a shelter for fishermen's boats. On the seabed it is possible to notice leaks of gas and vapors, testifying to the volcanic origin of the island. In Rinella there is a combination of rocks and the black sand beach admiring the colorful village, sunbathers lazing amongst the fishing boats.

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Rinella ferry routes

Rinella ferry routes connect the Italian mainland with Salina Island, the Aeolian Islands as well as Sicily with several daily sailings. Do not hesitate to grab the opportunity, book a ferry from Rinella port and enjoy one of the following ferry routes:

Italian Mainland:

  • Reggio Calabria to Salina (Rinella) with a journey time of 1h 40min from June to September

Sicily routes:

  • Palermo to Rinella with a sailing duration of 3 hours and a distance of about 90 nautical miles
  • Messina to Rinella is a high season ferry route of about 3 hours usually operated between June and September, so plan your trip and stay informed by visiting our website for all the latest schedules and prices
  • The Milazzo to Rinella direct ferry route is covered daily by hydrofoils in 90 minutes or in 2 hours with intermediate stops to other Aeolian Islands

Aeolian Islands routes:

  • Lipari to Rinella with a direct ferry trip of 25 min or 40 min with a stopover to Vulcano or Santa Maria Salina
  • Vulcano to Rinella direct ferry route needs no more than 30min while with intermediate stops the sailing lasts approximately 1 hour
  • Alicudi to Rinella journey which has a duration of 55min and a stopover to Filicudi
  • Panarea to Rinella ferry trip lasts 1h 20m with a ferry change in Lipari and a waiting time of 35min
  • Stromboli to Rinella ferry journey lasts 2hours with a change in Lipari and a waiting time of 35min
  • Filicudi to Rinella crossing is a direct sailing of 25 min
  • Ginostra (Stromboli) to Rinella boat trip with a duration of 1h 50min including several stops and a change in Lipari. The waiting time is estimated to be 35min

Most ferries operate several times a day but some of the ferry routes are seasonal, so it is advisable to check our updated online booking engine before your trip.

Rinella ferry port

Rinella ferry port is a beautiful hamlet on the south coast and is Salina's second port, regularly served by hydrofoils and ferries. Pastel-coloured houses huddle around the waterfront, and there are a couple of decent swimming spots nearby. Close to the port there are shops selling pottery and other local Aeolian products. In the surrounding area you will be able to find some cafes and eating places along with a ticket office and boat renting station.

Transportation options

If you are looking for a way to reach the port or another spot on the island, you can check your options below:


Upon arrival at the port of Rinella travelers can take a public bus to reach the other places of the island of Salina. For more information you can visit the Rinella C.I.T.I.S. bus page.


Taxis are present at the Rinella port. Otherwise you can check Rinella Taxis in order to call one.

Bicycles and motorbikes

There is the option of renting a Bicycle or a motorbike to explore the natural beauties of the island as well as the hidden places, the caves and the beaches.

Places to visit

Admire the amazing views of the island and the few quiet villages. From Rinella there is the option to take the bus or a taxi and visit Pollara. In 1994 some scenes of the famous film “The Postman '' were shot.
Besides the beaches with the crystal clear waters, travelers can make a visit to the Church of San Gaetano, the patron saint of Rinella and the protector of fishermen. The church, dating back to the mid 19th century, is located close to the port . If you happen to be on the island on the 7th of August do not miss the unique boat procession.

Each island of the Aeolian Archipelago has its own history and beauty. The short distances as well as the frequency of the ferry routes during the day give tourists the opportunity to visit each one of the 7 islands , enjoy the sea journey, admire nature and learn the customs and the traditions of the locals.

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