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Passengers traveling by ferry to Salina north of Sicily, arrive in an island of raw scenic beauty with dramatic volcanic cliffs plunging into the sea!

Salina it is the second largest Aeolian island with its three towns, Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni. Santa Marina is the main anchoring point of Salina. The coast is presented with beautiful long pebbly beaches, some of which are more reserved. Malfa is located on the north coast of Salina. It’s the largest of the three island towns, and here the coast is higher, with a steep cliff and very suggestive sea. Rinella has a small harbor which is the arrival point for many tourists in the south of Salina.

Its diverse climate with millennia-old olive groves, prickly pear cactus, vineyards and typical Mediterranean vegetation means the fertile island produces tons of capers, chestnuts, a high-quality low-acid olive oil. Many food experts, claim that capers from Salina, which are plentiful on the island, are the best in the world. While capers can be found in salads, pasta or as a garnish for meat or seafood dishes. Most of the bars and restaurants on the island are authentic, catering to local tastes and standards.

Visitors of Salina already know that they will do a trip around the island by boat, perhaps with a stop in Punta Perciatu and Pollara. Pollara, home to one of the island's best caper producers, is worth a visit, especially to watch the sunset. Sanctuary of Madonna del Terzito on the topic of churches is another important site. A monk taking refuge from persecution and the myth of the Virgin Mary who appeared to the faithful after three rings of a bell in the 1600s.

Salina Port

Salina port which is widely known as Porto di Santa Marina Salina as well, is Salina's main port in the eastern side of the island. It is a very busy harbour during summer season that also contains a small and organized marina for yacht anchoring. Just outside the port facilities, there are authentic restaurants, snack bars, shops, pharmacies, hotels and apartments. 

By the time you leave the seaport, the bus stop is within a walking distance. Otherwise, you can always book a taxi.


Several buses are operating itineraries through every town on the island. Learn more in Salina buses.


If you do not fancy waiting for the bus, taxis are another alternative. Book one in Salina Taxis.

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