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Passengers traveling by ferry to Rio Marina are entering a small town of great importance back in the day for its iron ore mining and shipping!

Veins who run iron! That's the best justification you can give to this village of Elba island. Visitors traveling by ferry to the destination Rio Marina, fire and iron's territory, will soon smell it in the air. Ocher yellow and blood-red themes, turquoise sea and black sand are for sure going to draw your attention. Rio Marina was leaning on its iron mining for thousands of years but since the mines closed and now they are the town's main attraction, tourism has replaced the iron ore shipping. The Mining Park (Parco Minerario) is a landscape with rich history underneath it. Settled in 1991, Parco Minerario's purpose of creation was to upgrade the city and all the damaged areas of the island. Nowadays that the park is only for visitation, tourists can get around, explore the old railway tracks and learn everything about its background on foot, riding a bike or on a military jeep but the funniest way to do it is on the small train. It is notable to say that during your visit to the park, you can get tools for mining and the best part is that you can keep the stones. If you are looking for a beautiful view of the village to take some pictures, the Clock Tower of Appiani is the right place. It cannot be missed given that it is huge and can be clearly seen from the port. Its purpose then was to prevent pirate attacks and now many exhibitions are taking place especially in high tourist seasons. Rio Marina includes many beaches. There are three main close to the port whose one cannot be accessed due to the fact that it is very close to the port area. Del Sasso beach, going north, is the second one and most crowded despite being tiny. The third one is below the Appiani Tower so it is very easy to find. All these three beaches consist of dark sand and shingles. Topinetti beach is the first beach you reach after going towards Cavo. It is a quiet beach with beautiful colors and your trip there can be combined with Mining Park. Another quiet beach, again in the mining area of the town is Cala Seregola which can be achieved with the public minibus service. Last but not least, on the 16th of August, there is a feast day of San Rocco, patron saint of Rio Marina, taking place where you can always have fun with the locals.

Rio Marina is a small village of approx. 2.200 people and is located opposite of Piombino strait. Ferry routes Rio Marina include routes from Piombino and Pianosa, especially in high season months.

Ferry Port Rio Marina

Forthcoming information advises on how to get to the ferry port Rio Marina from the Marina di Campo Airport and the Rio Marina City Center by train, bus and taxi.

How to get to Rio Marina Port

How to get to the Rio Marina Port from the Marina di Campo Airport and the Rio Marina City Center?

Marina di Campo Airport to Rio Marina Port

Upon arrival at the Marina di Campo Airport, you can get to the Rio Marina Port easily by metro, bus and taxi. See below your alternatives in further detail.


Take the bus lines 116 and 117 from La Pila that go to Rio Marina through Portoferraio. Since there is a stop, the journey takes approx. 2.30 hours but it's the cheapest way to reach your destination. More information at Marina di Campo Buses.


Taxis are everywhere outside the airport terminals. Grab one and go to Rio Marina or call +39 0565 1825 to organize your transportation.

Rio Marina City Center to Rio Marina Port

From the City Center of Rio Marina, you can get to the Rio Marina port by taking advantage of the following public transportation means.

The port of Rio Marina is very close to the center so you can easily approach it on foot but you can also do it using a taxi.


Please visit Rio Marina Taxis to organize your transportation.

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