Ferry from Rovinj to Venice

Ferry to Venice - View of the beautiful canal with its gondols.

Take a ferry from Rovinj to Venice and visit one of the most picturesque cities in the world, the floating city of Italy known for its impressive architecture!

Rovinj is a very popular Croatian seaside town and the second most visited after Dubrovnik. Its picturesque old historic town , its colorful houses and its bustling harbor make it extremely charming. This wonderful place is ideal for the traveler to relax by wandering through its narrow cobbled streets with beautiful quaint little shops , to taste delicious food and wine in a nice restaurant overlooking the old town and to enjoy its beautiful beaches. It is certainly not famous for its nightlife however it has several bars and cafes for a drink or a cocktail.Finally, it is an ideal location for excursions to neighboring Slovenia and Italy!

Venice, is a fairytale city in Italy built on a lagoon ! The 118 small islands on which it is built are separated by canals connected by bridges! The whole city with its lagoon is a World Heritage Site and deservedly since the art works, the Venetian palaces, the churches on its shores make up a unique landscape! The birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi , Venice breathes an artistic atmosphere and it is no coincidence since it is known for its artistic movements during the Renaissance period and its important history in symphonic music and opera! The traveler will be enchanted by the spectacular sight of San Marco Square , walk through the narrow streets and discover neighborhoods that hide real treasures! After visiting one of the historic cafes (Florian & Quadri) he should try a gondola ride with the gondolier usually humming an Italian love song.

There are so many reasons why at least once in a lifetime every traveler should visit this city that every year sinks into the water of the lagoon due to soil erosion! The "Serenissima", the "City of Water", the "City of Bridges", are just a few of the names that occasionally describe the city of Venice. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime and book your tickets through our platform as soon as possible!

Rovinj to Venice ferry route

The Rovinj to Venice ferry route connects Croatia with Italy and is operated on a daily basis with the duration of the trip ranging from 2.45 hrs to 3.5 hrs depending on the travel day, the ferry operator and the type of the vessel.

Rovinj to Venice ferry type

On the route from Rovinj to Venice the ferry types are speedboats, catamarans and hydrofoils. These boats are modern with comfortable seats for a pleasant journey. These boats can only carry passengers and not cars.

Useful tips for your trip from Rovinj to Venice

  • Be present at the port 1 hour before departure for check-in and embarkation
  • The Rovinj town is small and can easily be explored on foot. The old town, located on a small peninsula, is a car-free zone.
  • Our pages dedicated to Rovinj and Venice will provide you with more information about the ports, check-in and embarkation procedure as well as places worth visiting
  • Visit the small islands of Murano and Burano in Venice
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