Ferry Salerno to Capri

Ferry to Capri - A docked boat in Capri, Italy.

Book your ferry from Salerno to Capri, in the bay of Naples in Italy and spend a few days in the city that combines natural beauty with exciting experiences!

The beautiful ferry port of Salerno, is located southeast of Naples,at the beginning of the Amalfi coast in the Campania region and there are several services available including stores, pizzerias, restaurants and a parking area.
Capri has always been a must visit and popular destination for many travelers not only for its numerous sights but also for its culinary delights, the upscale hotels and the world class shopping experience.
The island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and it uniquely combines narrow alleys and stress, magnificent rock formations, natural surroundings, colorful houses decorated with flowers and picturesque gardens with high class restaurants, chic piano bars and modern wine bars. This is the reason why the island was always considered as a cosmopolitan meeting point for celebrities and the jet set.

Depart for the island Capri, the jewel of southern Italy and book your tickets in advance as millions of people visit Capri every year starting from the Easter holidays to the start of winter season.

Salerno to Capri ferry schedule 

Salerno and Capri boat connection is seasonal and it is active only from the beginning of April until the end of October. During the operating months, there is a daily route available, served by a high speed ferry but as ferry times often vary, we always suggest you check the timetables on our website for more accurate information and results. Unfortunately, visitors can travel from Salerno to Capri only as foot passengers as the shipping company that serves this route doesn’t offer a garage.

Salerno to Capri distance 

The Salerno port is approximately 46.37 km away from the port of Capri, which is equal to 25.02 nautical miles.

Salerno to Capri ferry duration 

The sailing time between Salerno and Capri lasts about 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Useful information and tips

  • Arrive at the port at least 1 hour before your departure for check in and embarkation
  • Through our online booking system, you can compare prices and choose which departure is the best option for you
  • Upon arrival in Capri you will find nice restaurants, cafes and many accommodation options
  • Due to high demand during the summer season, consider booking your ferry tickets in advance

How to get from Salerno to Capri with conventional and high speed ferries, details of scheduled departures, updated prices and how to reach the ports!

Conventional or high speed ferry from Salerno to Capri?

There are two basic ferry types for the route from Salerno to Capri: Conventional (regular car ferries) and High Speed.

Regular car ferries take more travel time from Salerno to Capri but are definitely the most popular and cheapest ones! Especially on day trips, normal ferries are a relaxing way to travel between Salerno and Capri, with all the fantastic sea views and the sea breeze someone can enjoy from the decks!

High speed ferries are smaller and a bit more expensive but they cut the travel time from Salerno to Capri almost in half! Occasionally there are high speed ferries from Salerno to Capri available that can transport vehicles.

Check out all ferry types and their overall characteristics!

Choose your departure date and get all current ferry schedules and prices from Salerno to Capri!

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