Ferry to Savona

Passengers traveling by ferry to Savona get to the third-largest city of Liguria, northwest of Italy!

Savona, though mainly an industrial city, is also a cross stop for cruise ships operating in the Mediterranean. The city includes the historical center with medieval, Renaissance and baroque buildings with narrow alleys filled with tourists during the summer months. Opposite the port, the 23 meters high turret of León Pancantdo or Dela Couardda, is one of the city's main attraction. From the top, one can admire the panoramic view of the city and the coast that lies ahead.

Anyone traveling to the destination Savona will reach a city of 2 faces. A city of modern and classical architecture. Savona is an ideal destination for lovers of art and history. The Art Gallery hosts works of invaluable value in medieval and modern times. The Genoese fortress of Praimar is both an archaeological museum and a cultural center. The Renaissance cathedral with its imposing baroque façade, Siccina's Capella next to it recounts the brilliant past of the city. Palazzo Della Rovera of the 18th century and the old towers of the city also offer the visitor a sense of the old town before leaving with a ferry from Savona.

Savona offers long walks on the cobblestone streets of the historic center, sailing boat trips, shopping in luxury boutiques, gastronomic discoveries and historic trails. The Savona ferries take the traveler to Barcelona and Tangier. The Genoa port, 63.7km from Savona, is linked to the Corsica, Sardinian and Sicilian islands, Barcelona to Spain, Tangier to Morocco, Tunis to Tunisia, and Sikkita to Algeria.

Ferry Port Savona

Forthcoming information advice on how to get to the ferry port Savona by train and car.

How to get to Savona Port

Get to Savona port by train and car.


After arriving at Savona by train (Stazione Ferroviaria di Savona), there is the bus stop outside the main entrance of the Railway Station. Take the line 62, 7 or 5 and get to the port.


After taking Albisola exit:

Turn right after the toll post and follow the signs "Savona and Porto". Turn right at the crossing and take the via Aurelia to Savona city. After a short climb, turn left at the traffic circle (castle Priamar) and continue to Porto. Show your ticket/confirmation at the gate and access the port area.

After taking the Savona exit:

Follow the signs to Savona and Porto Centro. Almost 1 km later, continue to the main street and after about 3 km, you pass a railway bridge, then drive along the tree-lined avenue until the harbor entrance.

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