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Ferry to Golfo Aranci - Dusky scenery is leaving playful its light marks on an old building.
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Passengers who travel by the ferry to Golfo Aranci arrive at a fishing village near Olbia with idyllic turquoise water beaches, the perfect place to relax!

The town of Golfo Aranci is inextricably linked to the sea. It developed during the eighteenth century as a small fishing village, but soon became one of the main ports of the island, connecting the then kingdom of Sardinia with the Italian peninsula. Literally translated as "Orange Coast", the area is an excellent alternative to the much-heralded Costa Smeralda.

Forming roughly a semicircle around a natural bay facing south, Golfo Aranci is located 18 kilometres northeast of the much larger town of Olbia, which is accessible via a scenic coastal road. Its restaurants feature some of the freshest seafood dishes you can find anywhere on the island. There is also a range of bars, a stunning harbour beach and a very good range of boutique shops. Those in the know arrive at Golfo Aranci by the sea, which combines a relaxed pace with stunning views of the Mediterranean.

If you want ot be organized, book your ferry tickets to Golfo Aranci in advance and enjoy a perfect holiday in Sardinia!

Getting to Golfo Aranci by ferry

Although not the largest port in Sardinia, Golfo Aranci is probably the most popular compared to any other on the island, in terms of ferry connections. Ferry tickets to Golfo Aranci are available not only from the italian mainland but also from France and Corsica.

Below are some of the most popular itineraries from / to the port of Golfo Aranci:

  • From the northwest Italian peninsula, you can buy ferry tickets to Golfo Aranci departing from both Livorno and Piombino. These are located just a few kilometers south of the popular destination of Pisa and are well-connected with Florence and Rome.

From Livorno: there are up to three services a day, with journey times of around 7.5 hours. Those travelling by motorcycle or motor vehicle are also welcome on board.
From Piombino: there is a weekly itinerary that takes a little longer, at 8 hours, but has a similar pricing structure.

  • There are also two options to get to Golfo Aranci directly from France.

From Toulon: there are two sailings per week in each direction, with a total travel time of 13 hours.
From Nice : connects to the port once a week in 17.5 hours.
From Corsica: This route docks at Porto Vecchio in the south of the French island twice a week in each direction.

In addition, Golfo Aranci has a main line railway station served by local trains, the most useful of which probably heads to nearby Olbia. From here there is a high-speed rail link to Cagliari, the provincial capital in the south of the island, and connections to Porto Torres on the north-west coast. Finally, Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is located in the south of Olbia. It receives scheduled and chartered flights from major cities throughout Europe, many of which operate on a seasonal basis only during the summer months.

Ferry ports of Golfo Aranci

The ports of Golfo Aranci consist of a ferry port along with marinas for small yachts such as yachts. It is located at the eastern end of the town, a short walk from the town's railway station and within easy reach of the rest of the town by road. This means that those with ferry tickets to Golfo Aranci don't waste time getting to either the best beaches or the things to do here.

Transportation in Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci itself is pretty small and you are unlikely need to use the transportation means. However, hereunder are some alternatives in detail:


If you're coming off the boat with luggage, your best option is almost certainly to catch one of the taxis waiting for arrivals or visit Golfo Aranci Taxis. If you are staying overnight, some accommodation may offer a pick-up service.

Public Bus

For slightly longer trips around this area of the coast, the public bus service is another good option. As an indication of distance, it takes about 25 minutes to get to Olbia by bus, although there are fewer than 10 buses a day in either direction. Therefore, it is always best to check the times of the next bus, which should be displayed at the bus stops. You should purchase your ticket before boarding. Or else, you can always visit Golfo Aranci Buses.

Holidays in Golfo Aranci

A small tongue of land bathed by a crystal-clear sea, Golfo Aranci is one of the most exclusive venues for a holiday in north-eastern Gallura. Closed off by the rocky promontory of Capo Figari, which offers breath-taking views sheer down to the sea, Golfo Aranci comes to life especially in the summer, when it welcomes tourists and visitors from all over Europe arriving in large numbers to enjoy the splendid beaches along its coasts, its exceptional countryside and Gallura’s traditions, not forgetting its special atmosphere which can be romantic, lively – a or a blend of the two – according to taste. So Golfo Aranci truly offers something for everyone – a strategic point for accessing the bays of the Costa Smeralda and other well-known tourist destinations, including Tavolara, Capo Coda Cavallo and Cala Moresca.

Beaches in Golfo Aranci

The northeast of Sardinia has long been known as an area of outstanding natural beauty and the area around Golfo Aranci is no exception. Furthermore, the town's excellent Mediterranean climate ensures that its range of beaches is always at the forefront of visitors' minds.

Prima Beach is the "first beach" of Golfo Aranci in more ways than one. Family friendly, it stretches for a little over 400 meters. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented for the day without fuss. Meanwhile, there are a good number of restaurants and other places to relax with a snack or a refreshment.

Terza Beach: Golfo Aranci has a total of five numbered beaches, but along with Prima Beach we believe that Terza Beach or the "third beach" is the best. Composed mostly of sand with a light golden color, this beach not only has refreshments on hand but also places to change. Even free Wi-Fi.

Dei Baracconi Beach: Just one kilometre south of the ports of Golfo Aranci is Di Baracconi Beach. Facing southwest, it has excellent views of the bay, including the foaming ferries and wild dolphins. At 250 metres long, it consists of pebbles that may frustrate younger holidaymakers hoping to build a sandcastle or two.

Cala Greca: This small cove can be quite challenging at first. Just a few metres in length, it is located within the Capo Figari National Park. A great beach for hiking, it is also known for its snorkeling and diving opportunities. Nearby you will also find a small but interesting cemetery dedicated to 19th century sailors lost at sea.

Things to do in Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci may not have the bright lights of nearby and easily accessible Olbia. But it still has a few spots worth exploring while in and around the city.

  • Explore Capo Figari Nature Park: In addition to being home to Cala Greca Beach, this small nature reserve has a variety of trails leading to the lighthouse at the top of the 350-meter peak. A pleasant hike in itself, it also marks the spot where Italian-born engineer Guglielmo Marconi sent his first radio signal to mainland Italy in the late 1920s.
  • Go see the dolphins: Although it's possible to see these majestic creatures from a distance from Baraconi Beach, to truly say you've met Sardinia's white-water dwellers, it's best to get close by opting for a guided dolphin spotting trip. They operate all year round, weather permitting.
  • Enjoy Dolce Vita: La Dolce Vita is no longer just a state of mind. Now visitors to Golfo Aranci can walk "the good life" - a shopping mall and a promenade that runs along the beach. Anyone who prefers Italian style won't want to miss the shopping opportunities here.
  • A visit to the promontory of Capo Figari
  • The Sacred Well at Milis
  • The Vecchio Semaforo (an old military fortress)
  • The island of Tavolara
  • The bays of the Costa Smeralda

Accommodation in Golfo Aranci

For hotels in Golfo Aranci you can have a huge variety of hotels, from the mid-range and Budget hotels to the most luxurious! The luxury hotels and resorts offer high quality facilities, relaxing spa treatments. Moreover there are hotels that offer luxury suites and villas surrounded by a range of wonderful gastronomic options, facilities and activities for children and families, as well as many other amenities. However, there are also very budget-friendly hotels, apartments with all-inclusive packages, bed and breakfast and Golfo Aranci airbnb.

We indicatively give you a list of Golfo Aranci Hotels:

  • Hotel Marana
  • Albero Capovolto - BB di Charme
  • VOI Colonna Village
  • Villa Elisir
  • Hotel Castello
  • Hotel Resort & Spa Baia Caddinas
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