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Take a ferry to Serifos and visit this lovely, beautiful and much preferred small island of the Cyclades, by people who need some relaxation and peace!

Serifos is a lovely island of the Cyclades complex that stands out for its tranquil atmosphere, the natural beauty, its naked hills and fertile valleys, the coves and endless beaches and the characteristic island architecture with houses that look like sugar cubes.

Some islands remain essentially unchanged and Serifos is definitely one of them, an ideal and wonderful place for those seeking a hidden gem as the island keeps her traditional island feature unchangeable. The landscape on Serifos changes with the light and the island has managed to maintain its original beauty and its relaxing rhythms.

Serifos Greek island is blessed with charming villages of great beauty, more than 72 of pristine beaches and mining remnants of one of the most impressive monuments of industrial archaeology in Greece and is gracefully embraced by the deep blue colour of the Aegean Sea.

As soon as visitors arrive in Serifos their first view is the infertile slopes with petrified figures that will bring to their minds the myth of Perseus and just before arriving to the port there are the views of Livadi and Chora that dominates with the white washed houses and the cobblestone alleys. Both Serifos Chora and the island’s villages have been built in accordance with the traditional cycladic architecture as the locals have respected the cycladic architectural tradition by building white and blue houses.

Book your ferry tickets to Serifos in advance and discover all of her secrets on your own time.


Athens to Serifos

Serifos is a lovely island of the Cyclades, easily accessible by ferry from the port of Piraeus in Athens and from some popular islands of the Cyclades like Sifnos, Milos and Kythnos. During high season, there are daily routes from the port of Piraeus and also a few routes are served by the port of Lavrion in Athens.

Piraeus to Serifos Ferry

There are daily routes served by conventional ferries and high speeds. The duration of the trip is approximately 5 hours with a conventional ferry and approximately 2 hours with a high speed.

Lavrion to Serifos Ferry

This connection is offered only during the summer months (high season). This route is served by a high speed ferry and the duration of the sailing is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Sailing durations and frequency may vary from season to season, so we advise you to check our online booking engine to get the most up to date information.

Serifos ferry port

There is only one port in Serifos called Livadi, located in the southerneastern part of the island in a bay which is protected from all weather conditions. In Livadi, is where most accommodations are situated and is considered a tourist center. From the port of Livadi, you can admire Chora with its picturesque streets and the whitewashed cycladic houses. The place has a bank, a post office, a gas station, pharmacies, cafes, taverns, shops and an information centre for visitors. Livadi is also the starting point for buses serving routes to the villages and beaches of the island.

Transportation in Serifos

To get around in Serifos you can use the public bus network or catch a taxi. There are frequent bus routes from Chora and Livadi Serifos to other villages and to most of the beautiful beaches in Serifos.


During summer, there are daily routes to the most popular sightseeing spots and villages of the island. Chora is connected with Livadi and some of the nearby villages. You will find the timetables posted on the bus stops of Livadi and Chora. You can buy your tickets on the bus, from the bus driver. For more information, please contact +30 22810 51034 / 51211 / 51345 or visit Serifos Bus.


Transfers with taxis are also available in Serifos and they offer an easy and fast transfer to your destination. To schedule your taxi transfer, please call +30 694 447 3044, +30 697 380 1051, +30 694 490 8637.

Places to visit & things to do in Serifos

Serifos (or Seriphos island) is located in close distance to Athens which makes the island a popular tourist destination even just for a weekend getaway. The locals spend spring whitewashing their homes and businesses so they’d be ready to welcome visitors for the summer season. Get ready for vacation experiences off the beaten path and Serifos will amaze you with its unspoilt and unchangeable island features.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories in Serifos and let us help you organize your to-do list!

The Capital of Serifos

Chora is the capital of Serifos, which will charm you from your first steps between the cobblestone alleys, the vaulted arches filled with fuchsia bougainvillea and the whitewashed houses with the small courtyards. Spend some time in the Pano Piazza Square, a cozy square with tables from ouzeries and taverns around the metropolitan church of Agios Athanasios and next to the neoclassical building of the Town Hall. On the right of the town hall’s square take the stairs that go downhill and meet the path towards Livadi and Lotzia, the western gate of the fortified town.

The Monastery of Taxiarhes

The most important monastery on Serifos is located about 10 km north of Chora and due to its architecture it looks like a medieval castle. It was built in the 16th century and the view from the abbey is worth the visit.

The Old Mines

The old mines are located in the village of Megalo Livadi and have existed since ancient times and gave prosperity to the islanders during the Venetian rule but the attacks of the Ottomans and the pirate invasions led to the closure of the mines. They reopened after the revolution of 1821 and the economy of the island was bloomed, to stop operating again after a labor strike , due to inadequate safety measures and awful working conditions, in 1919, that led to the death of many strikers after a great fight between the strikers and the police. Visitors can admire the monument in memory of those who died in the strike in front of the head offices and take a walk along the mines,

The Throne of Cyclops

The throne of Cyclops, also known as Psaropyrgos, is a rectangular slate building located in Megalo Livadi. It looks like a giant armchair and it is assumed that it was built in the late 4th century BC or during the Hellenistic period.

The Lighthouse of Serifos

A cobblestone construction of 1900 with a charming courtyard with fantastic views of the Aegean sea.

Grias Castle

The castle of Grias is located above Koutalas. It used to be an important point in Serifos in terms of economy, trade and has several ruined buildings, traces perhaps of a defense wall. The name of the castle means the castle of the old woman and it stands on the conival rocky hill above the bay of Ganema.

The White Tower

One of the most well preserved towers of the island, over the bay of Koutalas, used as a watchtower in order to control the area.

Promenades & Villages

Besides Chore, spend some time in the village of Galani that has the most beautiful vues of the endless blue of the Aegean. Visit the village of Kallitsos (or Kentarhos) and admire the remnants of an old vaulted tomb and follow the interesting route from the village of Koutalas leading to Livadi with a trail including many natural landscapes and beaches. Don’t miss the enchanting village of Panagia that spreads amphitheatrical around the oldest church of Serifos known as Xylopanagia that celebrates with a traditional feast ( panigiri) on the 15th of August.

A delicious Cuisine

The island bursts with aromas and flavors. During your stay in Serifos don’t miss the local meat products like louzes, sausages and syglina. Buy some of the island’s aromatic spices, taste marathopites and marathotiganites, the famous revithada ( cooked chickpeas) and accompany them with the island's local wines.

Beaches in Serifos

Serifos is an island famous for its beaches. There are more than 70 beaches for all tastes, most of them being secluded beaches, preserving the natural beauty of each one and perfect for total privacy. Only a few are organized with tourist facilities but all of them are ideal to relax and enjoy your holidays under the greek sun. Beaches can be reached either by a car, walking trails or by the sea.

Please find below a list with the best rated beaches of the island:

  • Lia Beach: Located 7km southeast of Chora. A secluded and sandy beach with turquoise waters. Ideal place for isolation in an impressive bay of wild beauty
  • Psili Ammos: Located 8km northeast of Chora. One of the most popular beaches of the island with many amenities including umbrellas, sunbeds, a few beach bars and taverns
  • Sikamia: Located 10km northwest of Chora. A sandy and pebbled beach with turquoise waters.Ideal for those who are looking for isolation and tranquility
  • Platis Gialos: Located 12km north of Chora. A pretty secluded beach, with no tourist facilities, ideal for relaxation
  • Megalo Livadi: Located 10km southwest of Chora. A sandy beach with emerald waters, once a loading site for the mining industry. Numerous trees offer shade from the sun
  • Ganema: Located 11 km southwest of Chora. A long sandy beach with crystal clear waters. The beach is ideal if you want serene and relaxing vacations. Ganema consists of a long tuft of trees providing shade as it is non organised
  • Livadakia: Located 5km south of Chora. A long sandy beach and one of the most beautiful and popular beaches with numerous amenities. There is also an organized campsite behind the beach. Ideal for lovers of windsurfing
  • Kalo Ampeli: Located 7km south of Chora. One of the most quiet, non organised beaches of Serifos, surrounded by a landscape of wild beauty
  • Vagia: Located 13km southwest of Chora. This is a non organized, secluded beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island as it boasts sceneries of wild beauty

Serifos Accommodation & Hotels

There is a wide range of accommodation types in Serifos. Hotels, apartments, airbnb and serifos villas welcome every visitor either for a short break or a longer stay. Numerous hotels are located around the port and at Livadi and Livadakia, around Chora and at the beach of Megalo Livadi. Most of the locations give direct access to the beach and have nice tourist facilities, like shops, taverns, and car or bike rentals.

Below there is a list of the most visited Serifos Greece Hotels for your serifos booking:

  • Coralli Bungalows
  • Belvedere
  • Asteroskoni
  • Ammos
  • Serifos Blue
  • Aigaion Studios
  • Medusa Rooms and Apartments
  • Pende Suites
  • Rizes
  • Cristi Rooms
  • Serifos Blue Apartments
  • Sunrise View
  • Apollo Suite
  • Amfitriti
  • Naias Hotel
  • Studios Niovi

Day trips from Serifos

You can start your day trip adventure, with Serifos as your starting point, as there are frequent ferry routes during high season. The ferry routes Serifos - Sifnos and Serifos - Kythnos are some of the most popular.

There are daily ferry crossings from Serifos to:

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