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Passengers travelling by ferry to Spain visit one of the most popular and exciting countries in Europe!

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With its beaches, landscapes, culture and night life, Spain has become a magnet for tourists. The seventeen regions, numerous cities, seaside resorts as well as famous islands offer everything that a tourist might seek. Magnificent scenery, educational and cultural variety as well as culinary treats will please the fussiest of all visitors. It goes without saying that the beautiful beaches and the warm climate provide ideal opportunities to escape from routine.

Passengers travelling to the destination Spain should better decide what to see beforehand. The country has got a lot of interesting cities for tourists. Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Las Palmas, Madrid and Malaga are only a few of the many places that can be explored. Along the coastline, from north to south, there is a row of famous and touristically highly developed regions. Those who return with Ferries from Spain could also depart from the Balearic or Canary Islands with Majorca and Gran Canaria being only samples of the huge range of famous islands.

With over 46 million of people Spain is a very big European country. Tourism plays a major role in the country’s economy. For that reason Ferry routes Spain are highly developed and meet the travellers needs at all times. Through Spain ferry timetable it is possible to look up all information needed in order to visit this great country with its hospitable and touristically trained people. Friendly stuff will serve you delicious “Paella” and exotic dancers will perform the most extraordinary “Flamenco” for you. Spain is worth a visit.

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Ferry Port Spain - How to get there

Map of Ferry Port of Barcelona in Spain

Ferry Port Barcelona

  • World Trade Center
  • Barcelona Wharf, 080 39 Barcelona, Spain
  • Tel.: +34 902 222 858
  • GPS: 41.372334, 2.179987
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