Ferry form Spain to Morocco

Ferry to Morocco - Morocco market colours and carpets.

Pack your things, get on board the conventional ferry from Spain to Morocco and have a good time on a wonderful and relaxing journey towards North Africa! 

All year round ferries are sailing from Spain and arrive in Morocco in northwestern Africa. Despite the fact that the two countries belong in different continents, the distance separating them is quite short, thus, making the particular connection very popular, especially in summer months. Those who travel from Spain to Morocco find it a convenient choice in order to explore a different culture and civilization. 

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Distance between Spain and Morocco

The distance between Spain and Morocco mainlands is almost 15km (Strait of Gibraltar). The distance between the main port of Spain, Barcelona and Morocco's Nador and Tangier, is 822km and 1060km respectively.

Ferry duration from Spain to Morocco

The duration of the ferry from Spain to Morocco depends mostly on weather conditions and maritime traffic, since there are only regular ferries (conventional) operating the specific crossings. 

  • Barcelona to Nador: A connection which takes place 2 times per week with around 26 hours duration
  • Barcelona to Tangier-Med: The ferries operate 5 times per week and require approx. 28 hours to drop anchor

Conventional ferry from Spain to Morocco

The specific type of ferry which runs the connections between Spain and Morocco are the conventional ones. These vessels are suitable for longer journeys due to the fact that they provide plenty of facilities and amenities on board, such as garages for cars/campers, cabins, spacious lounges and entertainment areas, bars/restaurants and more. 

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