Ferry from Tangier to Barcelona

Ferry to Barcelona - Sculpture of cat in in the El Raval district of Barcelona.

Take the ferry from Tangier to Barcelona and enjoy a wonderful sailing from the northwestern coast of Morocco to the cosmopolitan Catalan port of Barcelona!

Being Europe’s gateway to Africa, Tangier is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Situated on the coast of North Africa, at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar, the city of Tangier was visited in the past by several writers and artists and became a source of inspiration to Delacroix, Matisse, Tennessee Williams and many more.

Influenced by many cultures and civilizations, the development of the city began in 1923 and in the following years, with different projects, giving priority to the tourist and commercial sectors, Tangier became one of the most important ports of Morocco and Mediterranean.. Modern seaside resorts were constructed, industry and agriculture were developed and the city has grown quickly as people gathered there from small villages and other towns. The old city, Medina, with the narrow streets and alleys, the Petit Socco square and the Grand Mosque impress every visitor of the town. The Kasbah fortress of Tangier with the Dar Εl-Makhzen Palace, which was once the Sultan's residence, today is a Museum, the New Town with its 19th and 20th century buildings, are also some of the city's must-see attractions.

Upon arrival by ferry to Barcelona you will be impressed by this modern lively city full of culture and art, a city with a great selection of places of interest. Every year, millions of passengers visit the port of Barcelona with ferries, yachts and cruise ships.The port Vell, one of the most important ports In Europe, is very close to the center with a lot of hotels, restaurants and shops. Many walks start from this point, where you can see the city’s landmark, the Columbus monument, which is at the end of the famous street La Rampla. Take one of the “Golondrinas” boats from the harbor for a ride around Port Vell or visit Barcelona's Aquarium to discover the treasures of the seabed and the undersea life.

The whole city is really a place you would like to visit again and again as there are a lot of attractions for every traveler of any age and taste. Nobody can dispute the beauty of the magnificent Sagrada Familia, or Park Guell designed by Antoni Gaudi or Casa Batllo.

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Tangier to Barcelona ferry schedule

The Tangier to Barcelona ferry schedule includes 2 or 3 weekly sailings which may change from season to season. The vessels depart from Tangier-Med port which replaced the city center port.

Tangier to Barcelona ferry time and distance

Tangier to Barcelona ferry time is estimated to be 36h 30 min and the distance is 572 nautical miles which translates to 1060 km.

Tangier to Barcelona ferry type

The trip from Tangier to Barcelona is operated by conventional ferries with all the facilities required for a long trip. Numbered seats, inside and outside cabins of all classes are available to choose from and book in advance. Restaurants and bars with local menus and drinks are at your disposal during the journey.

Useful tips for your trip

  • The Tangier Barcelona journey is very popular, especially during the summer period, so have in mind to be at the port 2 hours before departure for check - in and embarkation, especially if you are traveling with your vehicle
  • The Tanger-Med port is usually the departure port for the ferries to Barcelona. The distance from the city center is 47 km and it can be reached by car, taxi and bus
  • It is recommended to book a cabin for a more comfortable journey as the trip is quite long
  • Pets are welcome on board under conditions mentioned in the relative pages
  • Our pages dedicated to Tangier and Barcelona can give you detailed information about the sights and the means of transport of both cities
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