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Ferry to Tangier - Zellij tiles alongside an ornate vase in Tangier, Morocco.
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Traveling by ferry to Tangier, the traveler will encounter a place with a multicultural character and colors and lights reminiscent of Delacroix paintings!

Tangier is built on the slopes of a chalky limestone hill and is a city in northwestern Morocco. It is an important strategic gateway between two continents, Africa and Europe.

The old city of Medina is dominated by a casbah, the sultan's palace (now a museum of Moroccan art) and the Great Mosque which is a typical urban area (such areas are found in many cities of the Islamic world) and is surrounded by walls with many narrow, labyrinthine streets. It has been influenced by many civilizations and cultures as it has at times been dominated by many countries such as Spain, France, Britain but also Italy.

Thanks to its strategic location, but also to its political neutrality and its developed trade, during the 19th and 20th centuries, Tangier became a center of international espionage, which inspired many European and American artists, creators and writers, both in literature and cinema; it was during this period that many Westerners relocated there, and the city became a place of great political and artistic activity. It was a place filled with celebrities arriving on its shores from all over the world. Each had their own story to tell and each brought their own eccentricity.

Tangier is the second most important industrial center in Morocco after Casablanca. Tangier's economy relies heavily on tourism: the production of textiles and carpets complements the city's vibrant tourist trade.

Many projects are planned for tourism along the bay, and downtown Tangier is a hub for European and American businessmen and diplomats. A significant role in the growth of Tangier was the Tangier Med port with shipping services to Europe and other countries, with its great road and rail links along with the new International Airport.

Τhe Tangier of writers and painters! Thanks to its beautiful climate, Tangier is an ideal place to visit all year round, so we recommend that you book your ferry tickets to Tangier in advance!

Ferries to Tangier

There are several connections with ferries to Tangier that connect Morocco with Spain, France and Italy with the ports of Malaga, Algeciras, Tarifa, Barcelona, Sete and Genoa respectively. One of the largest cities and ports on the north coast of Morocco, the city of Tangier, a crossroad between Europe and Africa, is a natural point that seems to bring the two continents closer than ever. The crossing is carried out by several well-known shipping companies that have both conventional and high-speed ships offering high-level services during your trip.

Ferry from Spain to Tangier

A very favorite choice is travelling by ferry from Spain to Tangier in Morocco. The most frequent connections are from the Spanish ports of Malaga, Algeciras and Barcelona. Leading shipping companies with a strong name in shipping offer high quality services with conventional and high speed ships.

Barcelona to Tangier Ferry

Traveling from Barcelona to Tangier by ferry is an option less popular, but it allows passengers to embark in Barcelona, instead of having to travel from the south from Tarifa or Algeciras. There are two companies operating on this route and they offer a total of six itineraries per week. Depending on the company and the vessels, the trip can take between 26 hours to 30 hours. Because of the long duration of the trip, it is advisable to book a cabin for a more pleasant and relaxing journey.

Ferry from Italy to Tangier

Are you in Italy and interested in traveling to a destination with a distinctively Afro-Arab culture? The option to travel by ferry from Italy to Tangier is possible from the port of Genoa.

Genoa to Tangier by ferry

It is possible to travel from Genoa to Tangier by ferry, but be aware that this route is operating only by one shipping company with 2 sailings per week and with transit time from 49h 30min up to 58h depending on whether there will be a call with Barcelona. It is quite a long trip and the selection of the cabin is suggested. So book a cabin and enjoy your wonderful journey.

Tangier ferry port

The port of Tangier is located on the side of the Strait of Gibraltar, about 40 kilometers from the city of Tangier, in Oued Rmel, in northern Morocco. Its operations began in 2007 with major shipping companies to have commercial connections while the passenger-oriented routes began in 2010. The location of this huge port is crucial because it connects the sea routes of Europe, Africa and America.

The high service requirements of this enormous port are increased and so in the port area, there are areas with restaurants, stores and boutiques, free Wi-Fi, lounge areas and areas for children.

It is notable to mention that Tanger owns a second port called "Tanger Med" that is located around 50km northeastern of the city center and is mostly used for routes to Algericas and Gibraltar.

Getting from Tangier Port to Tangier City Center

From Tangier, you can take a public bus to the city center or a taxi directly to your hotel, at a cost of around € 20.

Tangier Ibn Battuta International Airport to Tangier Port

As mentioned above, Tangier has grown rapidly in recent years. A new airport terminal building was opened in 2008 to provide many more flights and increase passenger capacity.

The transfer from Tangier Ibn Battuta International Airport to Tangier Port is mainly served by private cabs or shuttle buses. This service is provided by the ALSA company (blue or white bus).


Taxi, though, is the most popular way to get to Tanger port. If you choose transfers by taxi, your group will travel in a vehicle that will only be for your exclusive use. The cost depends on the number of passengers but for the particular distance it won’t be very high. For more information please visit Tangier Taxis.

Grand Taxis

Your destination can be reached faster with a so-called Grand taxis, a popular way of transportation in Morocco. Grand taxis drive inside (with the exception of Medina) and outside the city and normally accommodate six passengers. The Grand taxi's (cream ones) for a transfer to Tanger port will cost approximately 20 euro. We advise you to always agree on a fare before you get in the taxi


It seems that there is no direct bus connection between the airport and the port. You can use a bus (a blue or white) only from the Tangier Ville train station in the city of Tangier to the Tanger ferry port. The cost will be around 0.70 cents. For more information please check Tangier Buses.

Vacations in Tangier

Without a doubt, vacations in Tangier are a unique experience in the mysterious city that creates unique incentives for the visitor where at every step there is a discovery. All the familiar images of cinematic Tangier, of writers and painters - Delacroix, and Henri Matisse - give to the city a cultural atmosphere. What fascinates the visitor in Tangier are its contrasts and changes in its landscape that do not let him feel bored even for a moment. A mixture of Arab, African and Western culture, from the unique Medina to its glittering skyscrapers!

During your stay in Tangier you will have a lot to see and enjoy! Unique museums, caves, mosques, organized beaches and tourist complexes, but also lucrative markets in the bazaars of Medina with the best traditional textiles of all Morocco, carpets of exceptional quality and the cafes of the city that over the decades have inspired many artists such as the Rolling Stones.

Tangier Sightseeing

A shortlist of highlights to see during your stay in Tangier:

  • Medina
  • Kasbah & Kasbah Museum
  • Cap Spartel
  • Asilah
  • Grand Mosque Of Tangier
  • Place Petit Socco
  • Tangier American Legation Museum
  • Hercules Caves
  • Park Rmilat
  • Gran Teatro Cervantes

Tangier Beaches

There are many lovely beaches in Tangier that attract a massive number of vacationers and satisfy even the most demanding. There are long sandy beaches that offer a large number of beach activities and water sports of all kinds, such as water skiing, diving to see the coral reefs, as well as more quiet for those who need to escape from the hectic city life. Also, some of the beaches remain untouched, wild and perfect for exploring.

Have a look at some of the most popular and most visited beaches in Tangier:

  • Tangier Beach
  • Plage Dalia
  • Sidi Kacem Beach
  • Achakar Beach
  • Plage Bakassem
  • Playa Blanca
  • Plage Oued Alian
  • Merkala Beach
  • Plage Sidi Kankouche

Hotels in Tangier

In Tangier, there is a long list of hotels that can satisfy the visitors' high expectations and ensure them a pleasant stay.There are luxury resorts and 5-star hotels with grandiose interiors, elegant and uniquely decorated rooms, lush gardens, panoramic views, huge swimming pools and spas, but also mid-range hotels with many amenities and budget hotels with basic rooms with good value for money and services.

Check out some of the hotels in Tangier:

  • Hotel Royal Tulip
  • Mnar Castle Hotel Apartments
  • Hilton Tangier Al Houara Resort & Spa
  • Grand Hotel Villa de France
  • La Maison de Tanger
  • Hotel Continental
  • Movenpick Hotel & Casino Malabata Tanger
  • Rembrandt Hotel
  • Kenzi Solazur
  • Mimi Calpe

Day trips from Tangier

You can organize nice day trips from Tangier to other Moroccan cities, explore unique street art, paintings, discover more about the colonial history and various influences, enjoy charming old towns, landscapes of fishing villages and many other historical places but also participate in various activities like camel rides.

Some interesting day trips from Tangier are listed below:

  • From Tangier to Tétouan
  • From Tangier to Cabo Negro
  • To Cap Spartel and Grottes d’Hercule
  • To Chefchaouen
  • To Asilah
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