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Ferry to Thimaina (Fourni) - Footpath to Dafnolies beach and a traditional stone hut near the town of Fourni, Greece.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Thimaina arrive at a small island that belongs to the island complex of Fourni, situated between Samos and Ikaria!

The ferry Thimaina will take you to a small port on the second-largest island of the complex. With its two settlements, Thimaina and Keramidou, the island is an ideal destination for those who are seeking perfect idyll and relaxation.

When traveling to the destination Thimaina, Fourni, you arrive at a port away from cosmopolitan resorts and organized beaches but in the heart of nature which hosts the habitat of many domestic bird species. Even the name of the island is said to be derived from the variety of thyme that can be found on the island. Thimaina also provided the mud that was used to build the first house on the close by Fourni island in 1885 together with wood and seaweed, a fact that led to a very interesting architecture on all three islands of the complex. The houses in the settlement of Thimaina follow the natural structure of the hill they are built on, climbing to the top and providing not only shelter but also a magnificent view of the sea. Before leaving with a ferry from Thimaina, visitors should take the chance and explore the beaches on the island. Most of them are situated in small secluded coves offering peacefulness, privacy and beauty.

The second-largest island of the Fourni Island omplex covers an area of about 10 square kilometres and is home to 136 inhabitants. Ferry routes from Thimaina connect the island to Ikaria and Samos. There are also frequent sailings to and from Syros, Limnos, Lesvos, Mykonos and Piraeus. Please check the isferry timetable for further information.


Ferry port thimaina

Thimaina is a small and remote port of the island Fourni, excluded from mass tourism and without a developed touristic infrastructure. Nevertheless, in high season private minivans, usually organized by the accommodation estates in Thimaina and / or its municipality, transfer passengers from the port to the accommodation destination and vice versa. There are also small buses and sea boats available, that transfer passengers to the beaches around the island and to Chrisomilea, the second inhabited island of the archipelago.

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