Ferry from Toulon to Porto Torres

Ferry to Porto Torres - Porto Torres, Sardinia.

Plan your sea trip by ferry from Toulon to Porto Torres and enjoy a crossing from one of the most beautiful cities in South France to the north Sardinian port!

Toulon is not only a commercial and tourist harbor but also an attractive city of the French Riviera, 65 km from Marseille. The wonderful sandy beaches with the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the Old town, the summer festivals, the traditional markets and the coastal parks and gardens give the city a unique beauty that no tourist can resist.

Arriving in Porto Torres, the traveler will take for a moment out of his mind the relaxing holidays and will want to tour all these unique attractions that the island has to offer. Βeing one of the most interesting sea towns in the whole Sardinia, Porto Torres, located at the center of the Gulf of Asinara, can combine the history, the natural beauty, the sun and the sea. This town with the Roman and Medieval past is the preference of many tourists for their spring or summer holidays.

If you are looking for a special trip for this year's vacation, you can check our booking engine and make your Toulon Porto Torres booking in advance in a few quick steps.

Toulon to Porto Torres ferry schedule

The Toulon to Porto Torres ferry schedule includes from 1 to 3 weekly sailings depending on the period of traveling. Summer routes are more often because a large number of tourists choose Porto Torres as the ideal vacation destination.

Toulon to Porto Torres ferry time

The Toulon to Porto Torres ferry time is estimated to be around 12h to 15h, so it is advisable to book a cabin for a more comfortable journey.

Toulon to Porto Torres ferry type

Modern and well equipped conventional ships operate the Toulon to Porto Torres route. Self service restaurants and bars as well as business and economy lounges are available to make every passenger feel comfortable and safe.

Useful information for your journey

  • The journey by the ferry Toulon Porto Torres is usually on high demand during the summer months, so you are advised to book your tickets early in order to find availability for the type of accommodation you prefer
  • Our pages dedicated to Toulon and Porto Torres can give you information about the sightseeing of the cities
  • It is recommended to book your tickets in advance, especially if you are traveling with vehicle in order to find availability in the garage
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