Ferry from Trapani to Favignana

Ferry to Favignana - The transparent seewater of Lido Burrone in Favignana, Aegadian Islands, Sicily.

Take the ferry from Trapani to Favignana and discover a stunning island, the main of the Aegadian archipelago, a natural paradise on the west coast of Sicily!

Trapani is a town in western Sicily with a wonderful historical center, a small port bustling with traffic and a wonderful view of the Egadi Islands. Easily accessible even for a day trip from Trapani is the stunning little island of Favignana which is definitely worth the traveler's visit.Favignana is the largest island of the Aegadian complex with an important cultural heritage not only of Sicily but of the whole of Italy. The many kilometers of sharp and steep rock along the island combined with the crystal clear sea offers the visitor a unique landscape.The island has many hidden treasures that will surely satisfy the most demanding. Beautiful beaches, sightseeing, excellent local cuisine and wonderful day trips to caves!

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Trapani to Favignana ferry schedules

From Trapani to the island of Favignana there are ferry schedules throughout the year. Favignana is the most popular among the three Aegadian Islands and is also the most visited with almost 15 crossings available during the day, which increase during the peak season to 18 daily crossings. The earliest departure from Trapani is usually at 06:30 in the morning and the last departure from Trapani is at 20:00 in the afternoon.

Trapani to Favignana ferry time

From Trapani to Favignana the ferry time can take from 35 minutes to 1 hour depending on the schedule, the ferry company and the ferry. Check through our search engine the departures in real time as they are subject to change without notice due to adverse weather and sea conditions.

Trapani to Favignana ferry distance

From Trapani to Favignana the ferry distance is 9 nautical miles (about 16 km).

Trapani to Favignana ferry types

On the route from Trapani to Favignana the types of ships are conventional and hydrofoils. In the first case, passengers and vehicles are carried, while in the second category only passengers are carried. However, many passengers prefer hydrofoils both for their speed but also because they prefer not to take their car since the roads on the island are few and the restrictions are quite severe for the movement of vehicles. Of course, for those who want to cut costs conventional ferries are the cheapest option plus they can enjoy the sea breeze from the deck of the ferry.

Useful information and tips

  • Visit our pages dedicated to Trapani and Favignana to learn more about ferry connections and means of transport.
  • Due to the large number of visitors during the high summer season, it is recommended that you book your ticket in advance
  • Plan daily excursions by boat to the other Aegadian Islands
  • Itineraries may change without notice due to adverse weather and sea conditions so it is advisable to check the itineraries before departure
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