Hellenic Seaways

Travel with the legendary Hellenic Seaways after booking online and enjoy a unique experience crossing the Greek sea while also profit from exclusive discounts!

The shipping company has an active presence in the Greek seas since 1999. It is the largest Greek shipping company and operates with 14 vessels (including conventional ferries and speedboats), serves 36 ports on the Cyclades, the north-eastern Aegean Sea, south-eastern Aegean Sea, Crete, the Argosaronic Gulf and the Sporades. The fleet is composed of 6 conventional ships, 2 highspeed, 4 flying cats and 2 flying dolphins.

Regardless of the vessel type and embarkation port, it is notable to mention that the embarkation and check-in procedure with your Hellenic tickets remains the same in all cases.

Hellenic Highspeed

In 2005 the company enhanced its fleet by adding nine ships, including three new high-speed ships and three new passenger/vehicle ferries. The operator is characterized by the ongoing modernization and renewal of its fleet and services. Hellenic ferries offer their passengers a very high standard regarding accommodation and passage. Comfortable lounges, bars, restaurants and shops are some of the amenities the company’s vessels are offering.

It is notable to say that Hellenic Highspeed, Blue Star Ferries and Superfast Ferries all together form the well-known Attica Group, with a sum of 31 state-of-the-art vessels which are running up international and domestic routes. They connect 4 countries, 60 spectacular destinations and 71 ports, carrying more than 7 million passengers and up to 1.500.000 vehicles annually.

Hellenic Ferries

Hellenic ferries have been discriminated and earned many prizes over the years and among them are the SILVER Tourism Award in Social Media Presence, again Silver Tourism Award for its Smart Ticket / Web Check-in in the category of innovative product and concept. In 2014 the award of the Best Shipping Company of the year was given to the association and in 2009 it took the first place as the top company for domestic routes in the travel magazine “Conde Nast Traveller”.

Hellenic Seaways Tickets

By using our booking engine, you will be able to plan your journey, check the itineraries, compare prices, get appealing discounts and finally book in advance your Hellenic Seaways tickets to reach your desired destination in Greece.

Hellenic Seaways Cosmote

Hellenic ships provide their customers with many attractive deals and discounts so as to help and encourage people to travel as well as discover new and delightful destinations. You can find out more about the offers of Hellenic Seaways Cosmote network and Hellenic Seaways bonus miles card on discounts and offers.

Student Discount
  • 20% discount for ISIC cardholders
  • discount applies to all categories except Deluxe cabins
  • discount is valid only for passengers and category 1 vehicles and motorcycles
  • presentation of a valid student card is required during check-in
Children Discount
  • all children travel with a 50% discount
  • offer applies to children 4-16 years old
  • offer applies to all international classes
  • children traveling in a cabin must be accompanied by an adult
SeaSmiles Card
  • valid for the whole Attica Group (Anek Lines, Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways)
  • win 1 point for every 1€ you spend
  • before embarkation use your card upon issuing your ticket
  • enjoy unique privileges while traveling and continue collecting points from your purchases onboard

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