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Passengers travelling by ferry to Cyclades are overwhelmed from the typical Cycladic architecture and its surrounding beauties!

Travelling to the Cyclades Islands

Their position is an extension of Euboea Island and Cape Sounion. For that reason they are divided into East- and West Cyclades. Together they constitute the prefecture of the Cyclades with Ermoupoli on Syros Island being the capital city. The name “Cyclades” is derived from Old Greek and refers to the round shape of their formation with Delos Island lying in the centre. All other islands that are outside that circle were named Sporades.

Tourists travelling to the Cyclades Islands have the chance to meet the wonderful Cycladic architecture that determines the design of the buildings on those islands. It resembles a stroke of a brush throughout the area and making the islands look very much alike. On the other hand, every island of the group displays its own beauty which inspires tourists to visit more than one island. Mykonos for instance is known for the golden sandy beaches and numerous clubs. Delos is an island rich in cultural artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age. Andros is thought of as the island of artists. Before their departure with ferries from Cyclades, visitors should decide on which island is most suitable for them.

Here is the complete list of the Cyclades islands to and from which ferries depart:

01 Naxos
02 Andros
03 Paros
04 Tinos
05 Milos
06 Kea
07 Amorgos
08 Ios
09 Kythnos
10 Mykonos
11 Syros
12 Santorini
13 Serifos
14 Sifnos
15 Sikinos
16 Anafi
17 Kimolos
18 Antiparos
19 Folegandros
20 Iraklia*
21 Donousa*
22 Schinoussa*
23 Koufonisi*
24 Delos

The islands marked with an asterisk (*) belong to the "Little Cyclades" archipelago, which is also very popular among tourists, and is located between the Cyclades islands of Amorgos and Naxos.

The Cyclades Islands covers an area of 2572 square kilometers. Approximately 109.000 people live in the prefecture of the Cyclades. The population density is 42,75 inhabitants per square kilometer. Cyclades ferry routes are very well developed and all included in the Cyclades ferry timetable, that can be checked through isFerry’s online booking engine. During summertime in particular ferries and speed boats sail 24/7 from Piraeus and Rafina to the Cyclades.

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Ferry Port Cyclades Islands - How to get there

Map of New Ferry Port of Mykonos in Cyclades Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Mykonos (New Port)

  • New Port
  • Tourlos, 846 00 Mykonos, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 228 902 8933
  • GPS: 37.466132, 25.322824
Map of Old Ferry Port of Mykonos on Cyclades Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Mykonos (Old Port)

  • Old Port
  • Mykonos Town, 846 00 Mykonos, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 228 902 8933
  • GPS: 37.451178, 25.327796
Map of Ferry Port of Santorini on Cyclades Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Santorini

  • Athinios Port
  • 847 00 Santorini, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 228 602 2239
  • GPS: 36.386121, 25.428430

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