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Book your ferry tickets online and begin a wonderful experience while crossing the beautiful Ionian Sea with the conventional ferry of Ionion Pelagos Lines!

The ferry company makes the connection between Astakos, Ithaca (Pisaetos) and Kefalonia (Sami) in western Greece with its one car passenger ferry, IONION PELAGOS. The particular ship was built in 1990 in Salamis and operates under the Greek flag. In the interior, you will be able to find many amenities that will make your voyage more pleasant and comfortable, like a snack bar, WCs and cozy seats. It is worth mentioning that it also provides a sunny open deck with seats in the form of plastic chairs, where you are able to enjoy the fantastic view over the stunning Ionian Sea and the landscapes you are passing by.

Kefalonia is famous for its natural prettiness and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The port of Sami is a very important one since it links Italy and Patra with the island.

Ithaca is the homeland of Odysseus from Greek mythology and is a very rich in history destination along with stunning beaches and many accommodations.

Book in advance your Ionion Pelagos Lines ferry tickets in order to be sure that you will find available ones since it is the only carrier for the Kefalonia - Ithaki - Astakos route and its capacity is running out fast.


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