Kefalonian Lines

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Kefalonian Lines is a new shipping company created in 2013 in the middle of the Greek crisis by a group of people with great love for the island of Kefalonia.

Its main goal is to offer secure and constant connections between the Greek mainland (Killini) and the island of Kefalonia with its conventional vessel s F/B Nissos Kefalonia and Zakinthos I.

F/B Nissos Kefalonia, whose main feature is high speed trip lasting around an hour, offers passengers a wonderful sea experience and an enjoyable trip up to four times a day.

Passengers can walk outside on the open deck enjoying the sea view and breeze. The vessel offers luxurious cabins, air type seats and lounges. One can also enjoy a variety of drinks and dishes in the bar or do their shopping through a large range of products in the ship’s stores.

Special open deck garage allows you to leave your pet inside the car or in the specially designed pet areas.

F/B Zakynthos I, although a little bit smaller, offer the same giving the tourism to those islands a boost when the ship started travelling in 1991.
If anything is needed during the trip special trained crew will be by your side.

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